People had told me not to run at all this week, and with my cold, I’ve spent more time at home than normal. This morning it’s absolutely beautiful out so I am toying with the idea of just going for a 3-4 mile easy run or going to the gym and riding the bike for a bit.  I can’t decide.  I feel almost guilty this week, not running, but I also know that recovery is important.

So I’m occupying my mind with other stuff – like the book I just picked up the other day, A Race Like No Other by Liz Robbins.  It’s about the 2007 NYC Marathon.  So far it’s pretty good, I’ll let you know when I finish it!

It’s making me think if I try to do another marathon, I might want to do it in a big city, just to see how different that can be from a smaller one like the Maine Marathon.  There is definitely something to be said about a smaller race – you get a lot of attention, and there is never a problem finding a bathroom.

And John, I think I remember that sign now – about your legs hurting because you’re kicking so much ass  – that was funny!