I’d like to give a shout-out to a few folks I know running races this weekend:

Kristin, or as some of you might know her, Running with the Runner Girl, is running the half-marathon at the Royal Victoria Marathon, up in British Columbia, Canada – can we say I’m jealous??!!  I was lucky to meet Kristin a few weeks ago at the Maine Coast Half Marathon.  Just want to say – go Kristin, have fun, and kick some ass!

Jenn, from My Second First Marathon is running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday – she’s decided to do her own half-marathon and then go cheer on her friends at the end – Jenn, you’ve worked hard, go out there and enjoy yourself! Jenn, you might find yourself along one of my former coworkers, Liz, who is also running there this weekend! 🙂  Go Liz!

Finally, Penny aka South Bay Girl from Planet Nyyep Running, is running the Long Beach Half-Marathon this weekend – I am so jealous of all of you – all of these places look just so awesome!!!!

I can’t wait to hear all of these race reports, ladies!! Pictures, we want pictures!!

By the way, I am also running the Tufts 10K for Women this Monday, Columbus Day.  Once again, it’s the National Championship for the 10K distance.  I love this race because it always has thousands of women (and a few guys too), you get to say you ran against some elite runners, they close off Memorial Drive, AND the Mass Ave bridge.  You even get to see the elites when they run back down Memorial Drive, as you are still heading out.   It’s fast, it’s flat, and it’s a ton of fun!  I’ve been told not to worry about racing it, yet I still think it’d be nice to see if I could break 60 minutes.  We’ll see. My left foot has been bothering me a bit this week and I have not run since last Saturday but I think tomorrow I’ll either go out for a live jog or a ride on the bike at the gym.

You know what’s also great about running this race? Nice schwag – you get a long sleeve technical shirt (yay!), and a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase in the City Sports store this weekend, as well as coupon for 20% off a non-sale item before Nov. 15th.  Can we say new running shoes for the winter?! My brother suggested that for Brooks Adrenaline lovers, to try the ASRs – I guess they are all terrain shoes, and much more water-resistant/proof than my Adrenalines! Woohoo! (And did I forget to mention I got myself my first REAL pair of tights – I’m really going to try running outside longer this year than I have in the past.)

Today it was 70 degrees here, not sure why, but it made me feel like it’s summer again if only for a short time, so here you go:

Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy

I hope I have not forgotten anyone – I’m still catching up on everyone else’s blogs – HAPPY RUNNING EVERYONE, and if you are a running a race, GO OUT THERE, HAVE FUN, AND KICK SOME ASS!!