First, I have to say that I am now sick, so this may be a first of two parts. I started to feel a bit like that “Oh I might be coming down with something” feeling on Saturday night toward the end of our TNT pasta party (the room was WAY too cold) but I just kept thinking “not now, not now.”  Yesterday after the race, I felt it steadily coming on and have taken so much zinc, echnichea, vitamin C, and now Mucinex, but I can also feel the normal progression of my colds today. I didn’t sleep well last night – it was one of those nights that make you toss and turn, and every time you turn your head, your nose drains from one side to the other. Ugh, it’s just disgusting.  If I feel this way tomorrow, I’m staying home from work, since I have to teach on Thursday in our legal writing/research program, regardless of how I feel, and I still have to review all of my searches to make sure they work and give students some of the leads that they need.

Ok, so the race report. First, you should see some pictures on Photobucket that my sister-in-law, Sue, of the Sue and Jamie blog took during the race.  The one with the car, I have to explain  – I guess this lady was trying to find a parking space on the side of the road and she didn’t realize that there was a ditch on the side of the road. So her back tire was literally off of the ground. Bill said that the tow driver bowed to everyone when they finally got it out (Bill and everyone clapped.)  The one where Bill is holding a big box at the end – it was a giant sheet of a chocolate chip cookie that said “congratulations Terri!” with lots of pictures of running feet and sneakers across the entire thing.  I got that AND OREOS at the end! He had ordered it during the week, had his mom pick it up, and bribed the TNT ladies with promises of slices, who kept watch over it at the check-out tent.  🙂

Ok, so the weather was perfect, as Penny said it would be.  Somewhere in the 40s when we left the hotel – cold enough anyway that you could see your breath. My red shoe bag was so packed full of clothes, I had no idea what I would ultimately start off wearing, although as you can tell, I ultimately decided on the TNT singlet being under the long sleeve top for the first 6 miles or so.

Spectator stops where Bill and everyone could see us were around miles 6, 10, 16 and 20, as well as the beginning and end. The support on the route from volunteers was great – a lot of water stops, never a wait for anything to drink. I kind of like smaller races for that aspect. 

You will see in some of Sue’s pics, and mine too, that my brother Jim (I call him Jamie so I may flip back and forth in my race reports, but rest assured, it’s the same person) carried signs with him during the entire race. I kept telling him he didn’t have to do that – I figured his arms were going to get tired soon, but he kept it up. The signs said “run happy” (that was pre-printed) and then he wrote in “my sister’s first marathon” with an arrow pointing to me, and “Lis’ first marathon” with an arrow pointing to her. We had to make sure whenever he waved them, I was on his left and she was on his right. He would literally hold them up anytime we got to an intersection with anyone watching, and especially more crowded areas, and it was great the crowd support we’d get. At one of them I said “he’s crazy!” with this big grin.  He would also yell out “it’s their first marathon!” to get people psyched up too.  As you can tell by our numbers, they had yellow bands of color through them – that was to tell spectators we were first-timers.  That was pretty cool. 

At one point, he had the signs reversed, and Bill yelled out “they’re backwards” and Jamie was like “oh shit” and quickly switched them around and the crowd just laughed.  It was pretty cool – sometimes I would wave to the crowd like “thank you, thank you!” I can honestly say it was like the York Half-Marathon in how I enjoyed  myself running, so appreciated the crowds and the volunteers (Jamie even held up the signs for them to see!), but even better because I did it with someone who was just running with me to be with me and help me get through it, not caring about his time at all.  This is how much faster he is than me – he never really broke a sweat until toward the end when there was a lot of sun out with no trees to speak of near us.  But he really didn’t care.

You will see in some pictures that there was a soldier unit marchingn along the route. That was the Maine National Guard. They all had the number “39” on their backs, which stood for the number of guys that have gone to Iraq or Afghanistan, from their unit, and who have died.  They marched the entire way in their full fatigues, boots, and ruck sacks (Marc, I hope that’s the right wording).  They started at 5:30 in the morning, and ended up finishing around 3, I think.  At times they would all take breaks and wait for a few stragglers to catch up. Then I understand, that they stopped about a mile from the end, and lined up again to finish up the route.  Jamie and I passed them somewhere around mile 14, I think, and I told them that they were definitely giving me a boost, and thanked them.  We had been told the night before at the pasta party, that these guys thought that TNT runners were heros, but I have to admit, what we do so-o-o pales in comparison to what they have done.  I asked them how much their packs weighed as well as the guns (rifles?) that some of them were carrying  and one of them joked “too much!” and I just said how little my hot pink Camelbak must have weighed in comparison.  They certainly helped to keep me going.

Here are some pics below, I promise to include more in the next race report, but right now, I am feeling my medicine wear off, as well as the tickle starting in my throat, and my sinuses starting to clog up again.  I will try to post more tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how I am feeling. I put some on bubbleshare, but of course, I can’t get the page to load right now when I want it to!! Right now it’s off to sleep for me.


A HUGE thank you to my brother, without him, I really could not have gotten through yesterday. (I’ll tell you all about it in my next post, maybe in list format, perhaps?!)  🙂