A coworker of mine who has run numerous marathons, and who has been unfailingly supportive of my efforts, said this quote to me today.  I had never heard it before.  My brother said something a bit similar last week.  “All bets are off with the last 5 miles, you never know how they’re going to work out.” I know even he has had some hard times in those last few miles. Last November, in Philly, he said when he got to mile 24, he was definitely tired. But he remembered his training, dug deep, and then pulled it through for the next 2.2 miles. 

I have one more goal to add to my three goals from the other night.  Like I did with my only half-marathon (so far), I would like to pass people during that last mile or two miles.  I gain strength from knowing I’ve still got some “stuff” left in me at the end.  Maybe that means I have run too slow the rest of the race, but I just want to end strong.  We’ll see if I can do it. 

Before I forget, I believe my number is 832, at least it is on the marathon’s entry lists.  I think that’s my bib, don’t you?  I just  don’t know if they are doing online bib tracking or not.

The temperature forecast as of now for Sunday, is for sun at times and clouds at times, with a high of 57 and lows in the low 40s.  I pray it’s in the 50s, and I like the idea of clouds.  Everyone says that is supposed to be perfect running weather – it may just be close to my original “comfort zone!”  🙂

My colleague, Will, also made me feel a lot better by mentioning something called phantom pain.  I have felt a bit sluggish this week, and the other night, after running only 3 miles, I felt my legs were pretty sore. But they were fine the next day.  Will said it’s normal to feel like that the week before the race. He also told me I’d get pains in different places, even the morning of the race, or I might not. Well, tonight my wrist hurts, but I’m thinking it will be gone soon. As Bill, my husband says, “it’s a good thing that you don’t run with your wrists, isn’t it?” 🙂

Work has been quite busy and a bit on the stressful side this week. While that’s not necessarily a good thing (the stress part, the busy part is good), it has kept my mind off of stressing about the race, like I might have otherwise have done.  It’s also been good that it is the end of the taper – I only ran about 2 miles tonight, then walked a half mile on the treadmill, at 1.0 incline.  I do worry that I have tapered too much, but I have nothing to measure what I am doing this time around with anything else.  But I just tell myself, I’m conserving for next week.  And I just hope mentally, I’m strong enough to get through Sunday. 

Right now, I’m watching the debate because to be honest, I still don’t know who I’m voting for.  But my God, Gov. Palin SO looks like Tina Fey!! This is killing me!

Happy Running everyone – my mom arrives in town tomorrow night and Saturday we’re heading to Portland, so I may not be able to post again until after the race.  If you wake up on Sunday before 1 p.m. EST, please send me good vibes if you think about it – I could use all the good thoughts out there.   To all of you running this weekend as well, right back at you!