Tonight is Tuesday, so I feel like I am getting stupider by the minute. I’ve been watching that new CW show, 90210, because I was a big fan of the original. (I admit it, I know, it’s so ridiculously stupid and some of these characters are so annoying, yet my husband and I find ourselves slothlike, and unable to get out of our seats.)  Bill acts like he wants to stab his eye out with a fork while watching this.  Maybe he should, to get out of his misery.   And yes, the girls on this show could be characterized as too thin to be role models for young girls.

And, lest you all think I am a Katie-hater from my previous post, actually I used to like Katie Holmes, a lot. I used to watch Dawson’s Creek when I was much younger. Maybe it was her hair that I liked, I have no idea. I just know things got a bit weird when she met Tom Cruise (understatement of the year, I know).  Anyway, she’s one of those people who needs to stick with the long hair, much, much better, than the “boy cut” as my husband refers to it now.

On to running things – I officially registered for the Tufts 10K this weekend – should be a good race again. For the 15th of 16 years, it is the national championship race for that distance on roads – I’m hoping Deena Kastor and Katie McGregor, to name a few, decide to run it again.

I ran tonight for only about 3 miles, possibly less, around Horn Pond (hope that link works, it’s my album from Bubbleshare), luckily before it got dark.  That’s about all I could run before sunset hit. By the way, I did try to take photos of some of the trees tonight but there’s still a bit more time needed before the leaves there really turn. I haven’t forgotten my promise to post pics of New England in all its fall color glory – maybe in Maine this weekend, there’ll be an opportunity.

Oh, and I’ve decided something about the TNT shirt, which I wore tonight to get used to.   I feel like the Purple People Eater in it, but that’s not it. I’m going to have to wear it without another shirt underneath it – between the Camelbak and my body temp being what it is on a normal run, I’m going to totally overheat if I have another shirt on underneath it. Add to it that my best running shirt for long runs is orange, and  you get the picture.  So, sleeveless it is on Sunday. God, I hope it’s not too cold at the start!

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement on my last post about my goals. Above all else, I do want to finish feeling good, I just think having some time goals will also help me out.  In case you are curious, here is the map for the race (some parts are right along the ocean and a nice cove of water), and the elevation profile from USATF.

In case that elevation profile link doesn’t work, it says this below the graph:

Total climb: 1002 feet / 305 m, Total elevation change: 2010 feet / 613 m. 

Compare that to the Boston Marathon elevation info: 

Total climb: 940 feet / 286 m
Total elevation change: 2319 feet / 707 m

OH BOY. Ok, I need to stop looking at that.

 Oh by the way, here’s some new music I am also adding to the Music Page.

Pussycat Dolls, When I Grow Up (does anyone have any idea if they are saying “I want to have boobies” or “groupies?”)

Cathy Dennis, Touch Me (blast from the past, yes, may have even been played on the orignal 90210)