My brother said I should set 3 goals for this weekend, time-wise.  A time that would be completely awesome for me to run the marathon in, a time that would be reachable if it’s a pretty decent day, and another time goal if it’s a completely crappy day, running-wise.

So, based on what I have been running all along, I’m going with these:

1. Finish in 4:35 (this may be a bit fast)

2.  Finish in 4:33-4:35 – this would basically double my time in the half-marathon on the 21st and give me a bit more walking time, which will probably be needed given the increased distance.

3. Finish in 4:55 ( at the very least, BEAT KATIE HOLMES’ TIME FOR THE NYC MARATHON.) Seriously, the girl only trained for 2 months, I cannot allow her to make a mockery of everyone else that works for this goal for months on end.  Most people  would really injure themselves if they trained for that type of distance in such a short time.

Sorry, off of the soapbox now.

It’d be awesome if I could run it faster but I guess there’s always the next time.  I do want to finish the race feeling well but I also want to know I’ve given it everything I could too.  My brother said to just let him know what the goals are so he can help me make them happen.   I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life.

Will write more later this week, I’m getting really excited for this Sunday but I brought some work home to get through before tomorrow morning (can’t wait to get through the next two weeks where work is concerned!)

Lisa, I’m very glad you’re back!