I just decided this afternoon – my treat after the race will be an ENTIRE PACKAGE OF OREOS, UNOPENED BEFORE I GET TO IT! 🙂  Yes, this will take willpower on my husband’s part, because I mean the package like you get in the grocery store, not some puny, little convenience-store pack!

Today was pretty cool, fog-wise. We always start out near this lake in Wakefield, and it was so foggy out that you could basically see the edge of the lake and a few ducks on it, and that was it.  I thought a buoy that I saw was a person at first, fly-fishing (which seemed weird, I admit) until I looked closer.  It helped to distract me at first.

This morning I was very lucky – and was too dramatic last night. It was just foggy and a small bit drizzly, nothing like what it looks like outside right now, which is to say, SLOP.  I am so happy – I got my two purple shirts (two because I know I’ll sweat through one of them,of course) and the instructions for next week.  We only ran for 8 miles, and I felt good, no cobwebs or anything. Ran for a mile or so with a girl named Sarah on my team who is slower, but she’s super nice and the time seemed to fly by.  She is going to start with the “early start” next week – the Maine Marathon allows that if you suspect you’ll be going slower than 13 minute mile pace. She’ll start at 6 a.m. and the rest of us will start at 7:45.  She and her husband had trouble reaching the fundraising minimum so if anyone at work asks me if they can still donate this week, I am going to ask them to pay into her fund instead, and hopefully they will.  I’m lucky, I’ve been able to reach the minimum and then some, thanks to very generous friends and colleagues.

I got excited on the ride home, thinking how my brother and I will be able to talk next week and see each other for the first time in many months.  He said he’s not been able to run as much as he used to but the runs he’s done lately have been at his own pace, so he’ll be fine to run with my running partner and I. 

My real coach (not my husband, aka the coach who sleeps through most of my practices)  advised I just run 2-3 miles on my runs this week and ride the bike but with no resistance, and for only 30 minutes at a time.  It’ll be good to rest some, although I am teaching a class at the end of this week to LLM students (foreign-trained lawyers who come for a master’s degree in law) with a super-nice professor so I still have lots to do before Saturday.  My “work work” will help to take my mind off of pre-race stress, I hope.  LLM students are great to work with – they really do want to learn, and they generally are not afraid to ask questions – great if you are the teacher!! 🙂

So, my husband and I are off to a good friend’s wedding tonight, then it’s off to work again for me tomorrow.  That’s alright – next Monday I get to take a comp day for the weekend work and not feel guilt at all!

So, this is not the most exciting post I know, but I wanted to let you know I was just being a drama queen *wink* last night, thankfully!  🙂