Yeah, right now I am thinking my answer to that question is going to be a resounding NOT.  I would rather run 8 miles on the boring treadmill than take a chance on getting anything tomorrow and feeling anything less than good next week.  Lis, my running partner, who is still fighting shin splints and is  stranded in Cincinatti airport right now, agrees. Clearly she’s not going to be able to make it to practice tomorrow.

It has been pouring rain pretty much most of the day. While it has not been a completely raw day I think the wind gusts have made it miserable. I don’t feel like running through huge puddles for 8 miles.  This may make me sound like a whiner, I know. I’ve run in rain before, and if it rains a ton on the day of the marathon, well then so be it, I guess we run in the rain but at least it will be race day!!

The good thing is, I get my shirt tomorrow – wahoo!