There’s a verb I never thought I’d use…

Before I forget, if you want to take a look at our race photos from last weekend, go to Capstone Photo – Maine Coast Half Marathon, and search on Bib 425.  I’m even smiling in some of them! The ones ending in 1791, 1792 and 1794 were all taken about the 10.7ish mile point, when I was starting to get a real second wind, and also one of the times I was able to see Bill while on the course.

Yeah, this taper phase is still a bit weird but I can see how Alissa likes it. I am liking having more time at home. More time to eat Oreos!!  Just kidding.  But seriously, I love oreos, so much that I am considering buying a pack for  Bill to hold onto and give to me at the end of the race. There’s nothing I won’t do for one of those!!  They are my weakness…

The other morning while running I thought of how when Kara runs, she is always so observant and can remember lots of details about her runs.  What do I see a lot of or remember? Road kill.  I seem to always be able to smell it very well too, sorry to say for me.   I’ve seen dead turtles, squirrels, skunks, raccoons.  At least I am not usually worried about rattlesnakes, or just plain snakes, as would be the case if I were Jill or Alissa in the desert.

By the way, fall/autumn has finally reached New England. For those of you who don’t get to see the four seasons come around, I will take some pictures and post them by next week if I can. I’ve seen some trees already turning bright red and fuschia. On the one hand, I like this time of year, there’s no humidity and it is very pretty. On the other hand, it also makes me a bit depressed. It’s colder, it’s usually dark when I get up (so even if I were a morning runner, it’s not the safest thing to do) and by October, it’s also pretty dark pretty early in the evening. Sunset is already coming at about 6:40. When you’re working til 5 or 5:30 at least, it’s hard to get a run in before it’s dark. And again, even with the headlamp, not so safe.  So eventually it’ll be back to the treadmill inside for me, although my running partner and I would like to try to get outside with each other for runs on the weekends.

Anyway, I rode the bike again tonight – this time for only 30 minutes and again with no resistance. Only 10.8 miles too. Finished my book, read part of Money Magazine (how depressing is that magazine, given the news you hear every day now, about the government bailout, etc.) All in all not a bad night. I still feel tired, and I’ve been having some sneezing fits off and on the last few days so I’m taking lots of vitamin C, echnichea, and eating lots of fruit. And trying to get lots of sleep.

For those of you who knew I was teaching a large class last night, it didn’t seem to have the same energy level as some of the classes I’ve done, but at 7:30 at night, we’re all tired, me and the students. And learning about the bluebook is seriously one of the most boring things in the world, but something they need to learn. Those of you who read this blog and are in m field know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who are not law librarians, just think of the Chicago Manual of Style and you get the picture.

Oh, and by the way, my fundraising is over $2600!!!!!!!  🙂

Hope you’re all running well and happy.