Last night I rode the bike for 45 minutes, for my usual 16.2 miles.  However I hardly broke a sweat. Taking my coach’s advice, I didn’t up the resistance at all. I actually was able to read my book, The Divide, by Nicholas Evans (I recommend it by the way), and enjoy it!  Usually I’m busy huffing and puffing.

Because I have to teach tonight I’m only going  into work at noon today. However that means if I was going to run at all this week, it had to be this morning. So I did. A whopping 3.12 miles, with a few hills – again my coach had said to keep my runs short during the week.  So weird. I ran 4 times that distance on Sunday and today I even walked a bit. I refuse to feel guilty though about the walking – I realize my body is trying to recuperate from last night’s (not so hard) biking and just in general, it’s trying to rest and store up energy for a little less than two weeks from now.

I’d rather get the bad runs out of the way now in fact – as long as nothing bad happens on October 5th, I’ll be happy. It’ll be so cool to be able to talk with my brother for four hours – we’ve both been so busy lately that we end up trading voicemails and that’s how we know what is going on in each other’s life.

So, wish me luck tonight – teaching 85 kids at one time about the “bluebook style of citation” is not an ideal situation but it allows me to get to a lot of students at one time. My boss says one of my strong suits is my ability to connect with students, so I’ll just try the best I can. That was always my grandma’s advice and I thought she was a very smart woman.

Our long run this weekend is going to be 8 miles. So weird!!