I knew I’d forget to mention a few things.

Oh, and before I forget, there are more pictures on my photobucket account (sorry Penny, I did try to grab the code to put them on my blog and it looks like Photobucket doesn’t have it available for WordPress!! ugh!!)  The album says “maine coast sunday afternoon” (but actually some are from Saturday afternoon.)  We saw a guy playing with his dogs in the ocean – one of them even had a lifejacket on, it was so cute!

So here are some other items I forgot:

  1. It was so cold on Saturday afternoon that I (“the one who sweats like no other”) was even thinking I might have to wear long sleeves on Sunday. Then I woke up Sunday morning and that idea flew ou the window.
  2. Yet, there was this lady running in front of me (“at times,” I’ll explain).  It was a bit distracting as she’d literally sprint for about 100 yards, then walk for about 100-200 yards, then all-out sprint, etc. over and over. She was wearing long sleeves and long pants (making me feel really hot) and she wasn’t wearing her thick, shoulder-length hair up at all.  How could she stand it?!  I finally caught up to her and offered her the extra elastic off of my wrist, which she took, and said thanks. About a mile later she was back at it, hair swinging everywhere, making ME hot!
  3. My husband, Bill, noticed very strange running styles of many women- he said there was a girl speedwalking who looked like she was about to fall forward any minute if she got pushed.  Another lady looked like she was literally conducting an orchestra.
  4. About mile 10.7 yesterday, I saw two guys sitting outside of their hotel wearing Yankee hats. I almost yelled out “what the crap are you wearing them for? Are you serious? This is New England – that’s just unpatriotic!” and then I thought “ok, keep your eyes on the prize, just keep going, don’t get distracted!”  I saw them again at the very end as I sprinted past.
  5. This was one of those races where I found myself pretty much smiling at every spectator that was cheering for us.  I tried to thank a lot of them too.
  6. I realized while running, “I really like doing what I am doing right now. I am extremely lucky to be healthy enough to do this.” Maybe that’s why I smiled so much.
  7. Jordin Sparks’ One Step at a Time came on my iPod at a very appropos time. A lot of songs did yesterday, just when I needed them.  (Sorry, can’t embed it.)
  8. I wasn’t sure why but at mile 9 (that sounded like it was Kristin‘s hardest one too), I did think that 13 miles seemed kind of long. But it shouldn’t, I know, because I did so many more the week before. Maybe because my brain knew it only had to do 13, so my body was reacting differently.
  9. Bill said that there were two open trash cans after Mile 12 and he watched a bunch of women try to put their water cups into them, all without success.  It seemed none of them could make a basket if they tried. Apparently, being a runner does not also make you a good basketball player. 😦
  10. Both Bill and I saw women talking on their cell phones – but the one he saw was literally running at the same time! How the hell is that possible!?
  11. The winner of the race did it in something like 1:17:00.  Sick! Sick! That’s like Olympic-speed fast!
  12. My overall time was 2:21:08 – so my average mile pace was 10:46, which isn’t bad for me considering that usually Melissa and I run about 11 minute miles on the weekend long runs, also considering that I walked a bit in mile 9, and a tiny, tiny bit on mile 11.   I also walked through all of the water stops since my coworker Will says “it’s better to get the water in you rather than on you.”  🙂

I have to say, I think I took too long before I got in the ice bath yesterday – my body hurt so much today at work, it was weird! I have not hurt that badly in a long time, but I used the Stick tonight on m legs and I feel much better now.

Ok, I’m off to read some of your blogs and get some thank-you notes done! I’m so glad you liked the pictures – believe it or not, but there were some trees whose leaves were starting to turn, along the highway heading north.  I don’t know about all of you but it’s WAY too early for that to happen already!