It seems manageable, and something that if I run it again, it won’t take over my whole life to train for.

The Maine Coast really is gorgeous. Granted, York is literally right over the Maine/NH state line, and only about an hour and half drive from my house, but I still felt like Bill and I just went on vacation.

Race report for the Maine Coast Half-Marathon, which thankfully allowed headphones – phew!:

  1.  The event was extremely well organized. There was a five hour window yesterday to pick up numbers, plus this morning.
  2. Having the start and end at the same time was great – Bill saw me about 5 different times – at the start and finish, plus 2 mile, 10.5/11 mile point, and again at 12.1.
  3. The weather could have been more overcast and therefore perfect in my view, but it was still nothing to complain about. 
  4. The scenery was GORGEOUS! Around mile 2.4 or so, and then again on the way back, around mile 10.2-11, you were running along the ocean. Beautiful breeze – never felt so good!  The sun was shining on the waves, it was pretty breathtaking and I’m sure a lot of people slowed down to enjoy it. Ok, I did anyway!
  5. Literally at the half-way point, there were 4 or 5 little boys, all, I’d say, about under the age of 7 or 8, sitting at the end of their driveway. One had a drum set. They all screamed really loud, and the drummer went spastic on his drums, over and over, whenever someone ran by.  That was so–o–o cool!
  6. At various places, people had gone along the course and written in chalk, “Go Amy, Go Donna, etc.”  Really cool.
  7. The One Lucky Guy actually was very cool. He must have started out all the way in the back – a bit after mile 2 or 3, I forget, he came up behind me, and was joking with everyone. 
  8. At the end we found out that there was One Sneaky Guy, who must have registered with his first initial – he even had a race number!
  9. I was number 425. I finished 455.
  10. I met Kristin, the Runner Girl, after the race! Bill and I looked through the number lists today to find hers – I knew she was from WA and didn’t think there’d likely be many from the  West Coast, so I found out her number, and then probably every blond woman in the race that I passed thought I was strange, looking at their race numbers!  Oh, and by the way, she kicked my ass, finishing easily within the top half!
  11. I really was suprised to not see more running skirts than I did.
  12. The hills were not bad at all. I did walk a bit on one at about 11.5, because I knew it’d give me more energy to finish up really strongly but the longest one, I went all the way up under my own running power!
  13. I passed a total of 27 people over the last 2.1 miles!! Trying to keep track definitely helped a ton keeping me motivated to keep going on strong.
  14. Bill described women finding bathrooms at the highschool as “locusts.” He said you’d find an empty bathroom where there was no one, and then within 5 minutes it’d be like a swarm of women would find it! 🙂
  15. Bill told me he saw the same woman who ran the 7.2 miler on the Cape, with the Walkman! WalkMan Lady was there (click here for the image!)
  16. No leg spasms today, yay! I don’t love bananas like Kara does, but I’ve been trying to make sure I eat them every day and it’s been making a huge difference.
  17. I felt pretty strong throughout most of the race. No tummy issues, legs felt good. Asthma didn’t seem completely 100% but I just reordered my steroid inhaler so it should get back under control very soon.
  18. I just checked the results and I was 455 out of 600. So ok, I’m not the fastest runner out there but I really don’t care – to me, feeling strong was more important, and also, this was a taper run for the really big race in two weeks. Next year when I focus more on the half-marathon distance, I can worry about building more speed.
  19. This is definitely one race I want to run again! Even the technical shirt that they gave us is something I would want to wear again!

So, I sincerely hope I can get my photos on this blog – if not, it gives me yet one more reason to think about going over to blogger!  Until I can get photobucket to work on this blog, you can click here to see pics from yesterday in Maine.   Click here for pictures from the race!