…and I didn’t even run.  Work was just so busy this afternoon with this annual event we have where we try to get everyone into the library. It’s kind of like a scavenger  hunt type of thing – people have to go to different stations, get these sheets stamped, and then they win movie tickets, and enter a raffle for an iPod or some other similar prize.  We had staff from the law school (of various levels too, which is great) and lots of students, both JDs, LLMs, and SJDs.  SJDs are like the PhDs of law school.  We heard lots of good comments and it’s a good thing for the large library staff to do all together.  We were all hopped  up on candy (oh so much of it) and honestly between that and trying to get my training materials together for tomorrow (I’ve had to make over 100 copies of each of my examples) I was just really super tired.

I really did intend to run on the Charles River tonight. I even changed into my clothes and was walking to my car where I was going to dump all of my stuff, and then it hit me. My eyes had that bloodshot feeling, my legs have felt like lead these last few days, and my body actually hurt from being so tired. (I was up late last night trying to figure out what examples to use, and tonight, even, need to write down some more of my script  notes). So I figured it was better to just come home, eat dinner with my husband for once, and then get up at 5 a.m. Friday morning and go for a run.  I only need to be in around 10 tomorrow so that gives me time to run for about an hour, shower, eat and commute in. I just feel badly because people went out after work and I didn’t go because I thought I was going running.  But, I know  it won’t be the last time they’ll all get together.

Thing is, it’s in the 50s here tonight – I’m not sure I remember how to run in weather that’s not disgustingly hot and humid!

So I guess I’ll just watch the season premiere of Smallville (my husband HATES  this show).  Glad to see Justin Hartley is a regular now – he is a beautiful man! And the show is just better when they have the other superpowers on it too.

By the way,Yahoo! had an article on the world’s quietest places on earth.  Going to one of them sounds like heaven to me right now.