The last few days my legs have been feeling pretty lead-like. You don’t think it has anything to do with the 21 miler this past weekend, do you?! Well that’s what I am telling myself  is the reason so I don’t stress out.  It’s not as bad as the snailpipe virus I had earlier this year, but it’s not great either.

Yesterday I decided to jump ahead to the last 3 weeks in the Run Less Run Faster book in terms of what it called for in speedwork.  Yeah, I suppose it would have been easier to get through the workout if I had been able to do the whole 16 or so week program from the very beginning.  It called for 8 800s with just 1:30 rest in between. On the 6th one, I almost stopped (and had even cheated and given myself 2 minutes in between) but I kept going, saying if I could just get through it, I could stop. And then I did. And walked on the treadmill with a very high incline for the next 4 minutes. All of a sudden, I just lost all ambition to keep going.

Tonight wasn’t much better except that since it was on the bike, I had a good book that I tried to pay attention to in order to take my mind off of the sluggishness of my legs while trying to keep up their regular cadence.  Nothing running related, just a good fiction book to take my mind off of everything else that confronts my every waking moment.

I’m looking forward to the next few days and this weekend. At work tomorrow we have an event to try to bring in a lot of students, and it’s actually a lot of fun.  Then on Friday one of the journals with whom I work has asked me to do a few training sessions, for what they hope will hopefully be over 100 students.  Originally we planned to do just one session, thinking only 60 or so would sign up, and then they got over twice that amount. So I’m doing two sessions. It’s good for me, and for them, and for my colleagues if I can get in front of that many students, and get them to realize my colleagues and I are there to help them, so wish me luck!

Also, tomorrow night I plan on running on the Charles River right after work since my coach doesn’t want me running on hills and doing speedwork in the same week as part of my taper.  I’m so looking forward to Maine this weekend – I’ve never spent any time in York!