After being really stressed out last week, I came upon a book my mom had given me a while back but which I had not looked at as much as I should have, called Short Prayers for Busy Women: Inspirational Thoughts to Get you through the Next Five Minutes, by Harriet Crosby.  I’m not really a religious person, but I did like some of them, I’m sure you could substitute whatever deity you choose:

To say while commuting home (p. 121):

“God, To say that today stunk is an understatement. Today, work was rotten. But you know that. Rebuild my spirit as i journey home. Bless me with a calmness I do not yet feel.  Amen.”

To say while commuting in (p. 120):

“God, As I approach the office, strengthen me for the day ahead. Help me to see your hand at work in all I do. Help me to see you in the eyes of my co-workers. Let this be a good day. Amen.”

For those of you who are parents (this sounds like something my mom would have said while we were growing up) (p. 179):

“God, when I shut the door to the bathroom, it becomes the one room in the house where my family can’t follow me. Let me sit here quietly fro a little while. Give me the strength and energy I need to love them when I come out. Amen.”

On relaxing (p. 85) (I need this, most people know me as being very hyper:

“God, I am not a naturally calm person. I need your help. Help me to rest–if only for a few minutes today–in your peace. Amen.”

I plan on having this book handy a lot in the future. I found sticking out of the book a bookmark that says “You can if you think you can.”  I’d say that could apply to running, don’t you?

I hope everyone runs well this week.