I’ve got a few different things to write about, it’s hard for me to come up with a title to this post!


So first up, I rest my case – the VP Candidate Palin, and Tina Fey were separated at birth (although not if you look at those Wikipedia entries)!  Look at the two of them side by side, at around 1:01 of this video below!  I seriously can’t look at the real candidate without wanting to call her Tina. Of course, I was in bed before the show came on, so I’m stuck with watching videos of it.


I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been reading this blog, commenting on it, and supporting me these last several months. I really could not have gotten through all of this training without all of the support and advice.  I plan on catching up with all of your blogs over the next few days, I am sorry I’ve fallen behind!

Drivers and runners (how we don’t always mesh):

I was talking to my co-worker today, who is also training for a fall marathon, the Bay State Marathon on October 18th.  He has run several before but this time he’s fighting injuries.  He ran in the miserable rain we had on Sunday.  We were talking about the “jerk” things that drivers do to runners sometimes.  For me, it’s when I’m running at night (with my headlamp and reflective strips on my sneakers and Camelbak) and a car gets really close to me, it’s obvious that they have seen me, and then they decide to beep the horn, just to make me jump.  The other thing I’ve seen drivers do is when they see my headlamp, they then turn on the high beams, pretty much rendering the fact I’m wearing a headlamp to see better a moot point, because I’m blind! I hate that!    For him, he said that the other day a car literally went through a stop sign, and stopped right before the crosswalk where he was running.  The driver then leaned out his window, and in response to my co-worker pointing out the crosswalk and stop sign, said “well, that’s what you get for running in the rain, you BLEEPING idiot!”  I swear, what is wrong with some people??

 Ok, off of the soapbox now.

My race this weekend:

I am REALLY looking forward to the Maine Women’s Only Coast Half-Marathon on Sunday.  Bill and I are staying at a hotel/inn within walking distance to the start (yay!) and this is supposed to be a great race for spectators so I’m glad for that for him. I feel bad that he has to sit there for a few hours sometimes just waiting to see me for a few seconds every hour or so.    Kristin, if you want to meet up or see each other in person, I’ll be the one with the pink camelbak on race day. I feel pretty confident in saying it is VERY LIKELY I will be the only person wearing one.  🙂 

I am really going to try to enjoy myself and the scenery – I always feel most at home when I’m near the coast for some reason, and the Maine Coast is just gorgeous.   Since it’s my first half-marathon race, I can set a PR that Lis and I can work on beating when we run the Seacoast Half in November. My goal is to try to run around 10 minute miles, but if I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up. I just want to have fun that day, honestly, and being in a race of all women, well, it’s pretty cool.  Something empowering about it, it’s hard to adequately describe. I’m sorry for the guys reading this that there isn’t something similar for you.  If you’re curious, they have a bio up of the “One Lucky Guy” who won the lottery to run with us this weekend. I am glad to see he’s not one of those ridiculously fast runners who could win the race!

Happy Running everyone, I am so glad I am in that “taper” phase now!