Did I just say that? Awesome!!!

I learned/thought about some stuff today while running around the Charles River twice. I was the only one who did that route twice – everyone else running did something a bit different – I needed to run the first half by myself, and then come back and pick up Lis for the second half of my run. Our coach would only let her do 10 miles today, although we found that the loop was actually more like 10.5/10.6.


  1. 21.2 miles is a long distance to cover, but I’m glad it was more than the planned 20 because I was really worried about having to mentally make up a whole 10K difference on race day.  5 seems better, more manageable somehow
  2. Lis is very adaptable at dealing with my moods while running. Luckily the bad mood I was in around mile 10-13ish seemed to go away.
  3. The extra bowl of cereal seemed to help today so I didn’t hit the wall after about 15.
  4. The Double Latte Powerbal gel definitely works the best for me. I even like the taste. The taste of the wrapper however, I can do without. It almost made me gag.
  5. I wonder if I am the only person who literally thinks that they could drink themselves into oblivion while running. Sometimes I think there is only so much Gatorade one person can drink, and then at other times, I think there can’t be a large enough supply in my Camelbak.
  6. Walkers can be annoying.
  7. Walkers on the Esplanade walking for charity, 7 deep, and oblivious to the fact that there are other people on the path with them, like runners, bikers, and the occasional rollerblader, are REALLY annoying. 
  8. I channeled Moses for part of our run today, and Lis took over later on, yelling EXCUSE US and scaring the crap out of walkers, who were acting like #7 above.  Nothing like parting the Red Sea of Bodies by yelling.
  9. I was glad though that the walkers were running for charity for the Heart. If there had to be a silver lining behind their walking, it’s that. Both my maternal grandparents had massive heart attacks, and not wanting to go out of this life that way is part of why I run. The inspirational signs they had posted along the Esplanade kept me going during the first lap around the Charles.
  10. Good Lord, I have found yet another part of my body that needs the application of Body Glide, the small center of my back.  Unfortunately when I found this out was in the shower when I got home, and it stung. I swear, I need to buy stock in that company.   Must have been from the rubbing of the Camelbak.
  11. The application of Body Glide after the fact, STINGS!!
  12. My pink Camelbak, after being worn on my back for several hours, STINKS SOMETHING FIERCE! (I’ll bet you could have lived without knowing that, huh?  Sorry…)
  13. Orange slices are awesome after 17.5 miles.
  14. I got a second wind at about 18 miles. I felt like I was on autopilot.
  15. There is no other beautiful sight as the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge at the end of 21 miles, believe me. (Thanks to Anthony at PicasaWeb who took that picture.)
  16. Sunblock, even the Sport kind, does actually wear off when you are the Girl Who Sweats Like No Other. (That is Lis’ nickname for me. She’s afraid to run behind me, thinking she could hydroplane on the sweat left behind.)
  17. $8.75 is so worth it for five bags of ice.  Ice baths are SO AWESOME when you literally sit there, covered in ice for a half hour.  I could have stayed in there all day.
  18. Running near my former employer law school, and down near the HatchShell (where the Boston Pops play on July 4th)  the first lap around, was so great for me mentally.  That’s where I first started running a lot after work two years ago, and it felt a little bit like “coming home” for me. So cool to see the Crew Teams out skulling on the Charles.
  19. I know I can do this now. It’s not going to be the fastest marathon ever run, but I don’t care.

Oh, and I almost forgot – since I didn’t post  the last few days, the other night I ran my arch-nemesis, the South Border Road route, combined with most of my Winchester Hills. I had not been there in a few months, and wow, what a difference that made. I walked once or twice but otherwise I felt so much stronger and was able to cover the distance at a better pace overall. The hills didn’t even scare me like they used to, it was more the running on the winding road as it became dark (without my headlamp, stupid, I know) that did!

I hope everyone ran well/will run well this weekend. Happy Running everyone!