Tonight, I figured one way of getting out frustration, without taking a kick-boxing class – this will have to suffice until after the marathon. At that point, Melissa and I want to take a class together!

It involves visualization. Just like Jenn from My Second First Marathon visualized her legs being cut off at the ankles by a machete when she recently ran a race, I thought of whatever was bothering me as being on the treadmill belt and with every step, I was stomping it to death. So the faster you run, the faster it dies. So, whaddya think? It’s kind of like when people have an illness, they visualize it being squeezed out of them by whatever medicine they are taking. Lance Armstrong visualized his cancer being squeezed out of his body every time he threw up from the chemo. Nice visual, I know, but it gets the idea across.

Not that I want to close myself indoors now a lot at night, but it is getting dark pretty early. Unless I want to take a chance at getting attacked on a track somewhere when I’m all by myself, it’s the treadmill for speed work from now on. I had to do 1 set of 6 x 400, with only 1:30 rest in between, then a nice rest of 2:30, with another set of 6 x 400. I moved up on the treadmill from 7.2 mph for the first 3, then 7.3 mph for the next 7, then 7.4 mph for the 11th, and the last one, wait for it, anywhere between 7.5 and 8.0! Lots of visualization on that last time around. Oh, and I kept the incline to 1.0 the whole time so it felt like I was running outdoors. Crystal Method’s Name of the Game was a song I listened to at least a few times, on a deafening level on my iPod. (Don’t quite get the video though, I just like how loud the song can be.)

I seriously can’t wait to take a kick-boxing class (and I’m glad to hear that some of you like it too. Penny, I think the big heavy bag is going to be my favorite too.) I like the idea of being able to kick something, get aggression out, and have it be totally expected and acceptable in that situation. One can only smile and try to be amiable so much. I know venting is supposed to be healthy, but I don’t want it to be all that I do. I used to complain a whole lot, and I found myself feeling quite down a lot at the same time too. It can become contagious.

For Melissa’s sake, I hope we can take one together. That way she won’t have to hear me yell when I get angry about things sometimes while we’re talking and running. Just imagine, how much faster I could be if I wasn’t so upset about things sometimes… And how much better her hearing will then be in 30 years.