Today’s run had ups and downs. At least it was not the 20 miler, which is next week, and which we are only starting at 8 a.m., rather than our usual 7 a.m., which kind of makes me nervous. Nervous because that’s a whole hour later,of more sun, and likely higher temps, and with it being longer than I’ve ever contemplated running in my life before this past summer of craziness, it will take a while.

The good things about today:

1. Melissa got to run, 4 miles. It was awesome to have her back and be able to talk again. She is so sane and level-headed. I always learn a lot from her.
2. It was only raining at the beginning, and intermittently in between.
3. I thought ahead and packed extra shirts to change into during the run at one of the water stops.
4. It was only 12 miles.
5. We had a few realistic hills in the route and the coach left it up to us as to whether we wanted to do that route or not, saying because the weather was so crappy, it was “runner’s choice.”
6. When I needed it most, there was a bathroom, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

The bad things about today:

1. It was at least 70 degrees this morning.
2. The humidity level was extreme (I am going to use the word “extreme” loosely. When it’s raining, I think you could say it’s at least 100%, and therefore extreme, no?)
3. Melissa was only allowed to run 4 miles.
4. I had to use my inhaler several times. I have not had to use it much this whole season. But with the humidity at higher levels, I am nervous to leave it behind. I didn’t have an attack or anything but asthma does make it that much harder to breathe, thus draining you of extra energy.
5. That hill was a BITCH. At mile 7.6ish.
6. I had “tummy issues” at about mile 10.3ish or so.
7. I had to walk several times today.
8. My right calf muscle started spasmming today again around mile 9 and kept it up until the end of the run. This week I was stressed at work and not eating enough bananas, I can tell.
9. On my way home from the run, I saw a bird fluttering in the middle of the road, it was obvious it’d just been hit or flown into a car. I pulled my car over and ran back with my hand towel to try to grab the little guy and move him to the side of the road. I swear, only 4 or so cars had gone past it after me in this short period of time, and one of them killed it! I still moved it to the side of the road, but it was pretty sad.

I know many other bloggers (Jenn, Lisa) who have told their stories of needing a bathroom and I’ve always counted myself as very lucky to not have had to go through that. I was doing as well as I could today – already having given up the goal of finishing in 2 hours, what with the hill and the disgusting humidity, the intermittent showers. I was walking at one point, then tried to get myself focused, then told myself at the top of a close-by rise, I’d start up again. All well and good.

All of a sudden, I was like “holy crap, I don’t feel good. Oh yeah, this really isn’t good.” A look at the Garmin watch told me i was only around mile 10.2 and I was thinking, “seriously there is no way I can get through the next 2 miles like this.” Maybe that pet store they mentioned, where I have to turn, will be open and they’ll let me use it if I look pathetic enough. I was even thinking, my God, what if it’s not open, do I go up to someone’s door and knock and beg? People don’t really do that, do they? 

I looked up – remember I am running in a residential area, and then I saw out of nowhere, this VIP gas station. Never a name I’ve heard of before, but I didn’t care. I thought, “my grandmother up in heaven must have had a hand in this. Thanks Grandma.” I think I must have looked like I was going to cry or something – they automatically let me in.

Luckily there was toilet paper. 🙂 (Although at first I looked at the roll and there were only about two squares left on it – the place appears to be owned by a guy…) All I can say is, that man/owner is my hero today. It was like the heavens parted, let me tell you, when I saw that beautiful sight.

Oh, and it was a false alarm. After all that. I could NOT believe it!!!

You know it’s humid out when you put your head down and your hat is dripping. And you are a big sweater when you are literally dripping. So absolutely gross. Melissa always says she is worried she is going to hydroplane if she runs behind me. 🙂

Anyway, I was the last person to finish today on our small team of 5 or 6. One of us, Sarah, got lost, and doesn’t think she did the whole 12 miles. At points, I felt good and was almost caught up to Charlene who is just like a machine – she keeps going and going. But that’s how runs go I suppose, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not.

I’d rather get the crap runs out of the way now, than next Saturday or on October 5th.

I found out today – this is good – since I’ve met the fundraising minimum (and then some actually) I can get my purple TNT shirt next week (which reminds me, I’ll need to bring money because I ordered a second one, since, well, you all know, I’m a big sweater.)

Yep, I know, way, way TMI.  This is the song that played in my head when I saw the bathroom/gas station. (Jenn, it reminded me of your fall down the stairs outside Starbucks, and Marc, it reminded me of the issues you faced in the Ozarks.) 

Oh, and my husband and I saw Tropic Thunder earlier this evening, and it was great! I think Tom Cruise’s role was pretty good! It’s one of those movies where you know you shouldn’t be laughing but you just can’t help yourself!