We are supposed to feel the effects of Hannah tomorrow sometime. Not sure if it’ll be on us at our long run tomorrow morning, but it does look like we are definitely going to be running in the rain. Right now, the humidity here is at 77% and it’s 70 degrees (did I forget to mention it’s almost 10  p.m.?)  We have an 80% chance of rain tonight. So yeah… as soon as I write this, I’m getting to bed since I have to be up around 5 a.m. to be ready to run by 7.

I’ve run in the pouring rain before – actually thunder and lightning, near a lake.  (Sometimes, I’m not so smart, I know….)  So this should be awesome! The way I look at it, if I can survive 12 miles in crap like that, I can be more mentally prepared for whatever comes our way on the day of the race.  Read this earlier post of mine if you want to see how I mentally occupied myself in that storm.

Will let you know how it goes – Happy Running Everyone! Wish me luck! (Thank God it’s only 12 miles tomorrow, and not 19!)