There you have it, in a nutshell. It is quite humid here today (should have known when I read Kaity’s post that it was hot and humid in Indiana – whenever the midwest gets like that, it generally reaches us within a day.) Luckily it is only supposed to be here for a day or so. (It could be worse, it could be Tropical Storm Hannah which we are expected to get on Saturday evening.)

I was really not in the mood to run either. I’ve been in a negative funk mood the last couple of days and it’s spilled over a bit at home, which also pisses me off. I almost just stayed home tonight since by the time I was ready to go, it was almost dark already. (One thing that sucks about living on the eastern end of a time zone.) However, I thought of Melissa, who would probably give her right arm to be able to run, so I got out there. There was a lot of walking, I won’t lie to you. And I never got completely mentally out of my funk. It was supposed to be a tempo run and 8 miles. It was some running (maybe tempo speed, who knows, in the dark?), some walking, and some major sweating. And a bit of coughing and asthma inhaler use.

I am just glad to have had a crappy run on a weeknight, and not this weekend on the long run. When it happens on the weekend, seriously, I feel like it will never end. So if I have to find a silver lining in all of this (please believe me people I am not a Polyanna, but I don’t want to be negative throughout this entire post), I guess that’s it – it didn’t happpen on a Saturday.

I haven’t added music in a while – here’s a new one on my iPod. It’s a bit too slow to run to, and usually I can’t stand Jon Mayer, but I happen to like this one. Maybe because the instrument at the beginning makes me think of being on the beach, for some reason. (Doesn’t make sense, I know, the video shows mountains in the beginning.)

Yep, this song pretty much sums up the way I’ve been feeling about a lot of things lately. But then I remember my grandmother’s advice – be careful what you say, you can never take it back.

John Mayer, Say (What You Need To Say)

And here is a completely unrelated thought – how many other people out there think Palin, the VP candidate, looks like Tina Fey, just that they might have been separated at birth?

Thanks to everyone who sent me stories for Melissa (I had read about the lady in the Runner’s World magazine who had been injured for a while, just hadn’t found my back issue for her yet – I keep telling Melissa about her.)