Some people drink. Some people do drugs. Some people meditate. I run for many reasons, one of which is to deal with stress and try to work through things that are making me angry. Unfortunately I can’t always run or bike the distance equal to my stress, or I think that I’d be constantly running and would have no time for sleep or anything else.

Luckily my husband can also make me laugh, which is a big reason why I married him. If you’re out there and you’re single, be sure that the person you decide to be with can make you laugh, and can handle the times you just need to yell or vent.

Tonight was a night of cross-training since I did speedwork last night. By the time I left work last night, I knew it’d be dark by the time I could get the speedwork all done, so I figured it was safer to do the treadmill. My way of “keeping it honest” is to keep the incline at 1.0. The benefit to the treadmill, where I’m concerned is that it forces me to run a constant pace (unless of course, I monkey with that). My goal last night was to get through 6 x 800s, with only 1:30 rest intervals in between. To make the math easy on my brain at the end of a long day, my rest intervals were about 1:35, but I was able to start with distances like 2.4, 4.0, etc., for each interval. I got through all of them with times of about 4:13 or 7.1 on the speed setting. The last one, I am happy to say I actually upped the pace to about 7.3 or 7.4, which equals out to about an 8:20 mile or 8:13 mile pace.

One thing I noticed last night – my recovery times are definitely improving. It only takes about 30-40 seconds (toward the fifth repeat, it was at the higher end) for me to get back down to my resting rate, or what felt like it anyway.  Does that mean I should have tried to do the repeats at a faster pace? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Tonight, it was 45 minutes on the stationary bike. While my distance stayed pretty constant at 16.2 miles (thanks Alien for the info on the miles vs. km dilemna) , I did notice that I could raise my resistance level for most of the 30 minute “hard” part of the workout to 6.   A few weeks ago that would have not been possible. I even raised it at times tonight to 7. And my cooldown- well, a “4” resistance level now feels pretty damn easy! 

So, on those days where I am feeling pretty crappy about things in general, I need to remind myself that I am making improvements in some areas, and my fitness, and resulting health are two of them.  I’ve been mistaken for being a student several times in the last week or so, and that’s quite flattering considering I graduated law school in 1997.  Hopefully all this running will help confuse people into thinking I’m 35 when I’m 50. Hey, one can dream.

I have a request for all of you out there. If any of you have been injured, but were still able to recover and run the race you’d worked so hard for, for months, or know of any inspiring stories, can you send the links to me, or tell me about them on the comments? I’d like Melisssa, my running partner who is dealing with shin splints, to see them.   We have about 5 weeks until our marathon and I want her to know it’s still possible for her to run it.

I see my blog hit 10,000 hits today – I never thought that would have happened when I first started writing this, first for myself, and then to keep my family up to date.  Literally, when I started writing this, Bill would say, “you’re writing again? Does anyone even know this blog is out there?” and my answer was “no.”

Thanks everyone, for reading, and for your support these past several months. I can’t tell you what it’s meant to me.