September 2008

Tonight is Tuesday, so I feel like I am getting stupider by the minute. I’ve been watching that new CW show, 90210, because I was a big fan of the original. (I admit it, I know, it’s so ridiculously stupid and some of these characters are so annoying, yet my husband and I find ourselves slothlike, and unable to get out of our seats.)  Bill acts like he wants to stab his eye out with a fork while watching this.  Maybe he should, to get out of his misery.   And yes, the girls on this show could be characterized as too thin to be role models for young girls.

And, lest you all think I am a Katie-hater from my previous post, actually I used to like Katie Holmes, a lot. I used to watch Dawson’s Creek when I was much younger. Maybe it was her hair that I liked, I have no idea. I just know things got a bit weird when she met Tom Cruise (understatement of the year, I know).  Anyway, she’s one of those people who needs to stick with the long hair, much, much better, than the “boy cut” as my husband refers to it now.

On to running things – I officially registered for the Tufts 10K this weekend – should be a good race again. For the 15th of 16 years, it is the national championship race for that distance on roads – I’m hoping Deena Kastor and Katie McGregor, to name a few, decide to run it again.

I ran tonight for only about 3 miles, possibly less, around Horn Pond (hope that link works, it’s my album from Bubbleshare), luckily before it got dark.  That’s about all I could run before sunset hit. By the way, I did try to take photos of some of the trees tonight but there’s still a bit more time needed before the leaves there really turn. I haven’t forgotten my promise to post pics of New England in all its fall color glory – maybe in Maine this weekend, there’ll be an opportunity.

Oh, and I’ve decided something about the TNT shirt, which I wore tonight to get used to.   I feel like the Purple People Eater in it, but that’s not it. I’m going to have to wear it without another shirt underneath it – between the Camelbak and my body temp being what it is on a normal run, I’m going to totally overheat if I have another shirt on underneath it. Add to it that my best running shirt for long runs is orange, and  you get the picture.  So, sleeveless it is on Sunday. God, I hope it’s not too cold at the start!

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement on my last post about my goals. Above all else, I do want to finish feeling good, I just think having some time goals will also help me out.  In case you are curious, here is the map for the race (some parts are right along the ocean and a nice cove of water), and the elevation profile from USATF.

In case that elevation profile link doesn’t work, it says this below the graph:

Total climb: 1002 feet / 305 m, Total elevation change: 2010 feet / 613 m. 

Compare that to the Boston Marathon elevation info: 

Total climb: 940 feet / 286 m
Total elevation change: 2319 feet / 707 m

OH BOY. Ok, I need to stop looking at that.

 Oh by the way, here’s some new music I am also adding to the Music Page.

Pussycat Dolls, When I Grow Up (does anyone have any idea if they are saying “I want to have boobies” or “groupies?”)

Cathy Dennis, Touch Me (blast from the past, yes, may have even been played on the orignal 90210)


My brother said I should set 3 goals for this weekend, time-wise.  A time that would be completely awesome for me to run the marathon in, a time that would be reachable if it’s a pretty decent day, and another time goal if it’s a completely crappy day, running-wise.

So, based on what I have been running all along, I’m going with these:

1. Finish in 4:35 (this may be a bit fast)

2.  Finish in 4:33-4:35 – this would basically double my time in the half-marathon on the 21st and give me a bit more walking time, which will probably be needed given the increased distance.

3. Finish in 4:55 ( at the very least, BEAT KATIE HOLMES’ TIME FOR THE NYC MARATHON.) Seriously, the girl only trained for 2 months, I cannot allow her to make a mockery of everyone else that works for this goal for months on end.  Most people  would really injure themselves if they trained for that type of distance in such a short time.

Sorry, off of the soapbox now.

It’d be awesome if I could run it faster but I guess there’s always the next time.  I do want to finish the race feeling well but I also want to know I’ve given it everything I could too.  My brother said to just let him know what the goals are so he can help me make them happen.   I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life.

Will write more later this week, I’m getting really excited for this Sunday but I brought some work home to get through before tomorrow morning (can’t wait to get through the next two weeks where work is concerned!)

Lisa, I’m very glad you’re back!

I just decided this afternoon – my treat after the race will be an ENTIRE PACKAGE OF OREOS, UNOPENED BEFORE I GET TO IT! 🙂  Yes, this will take willpower on my husband’s part, because I mean the package like you get in the grocery store, not some puny, little convenience-store pack!

Today was pretty cool, fog-wise. We always start out near this lake in Wakefield, and it was so foggy out that you could basically see the edge of the lake and a few ducks on it, and that was it.  I thought a buoy that I saw was a person at first, fly-fishing (which seemed weird, I admit) until I looked closer.  It helped to distract me at first.

This morning I was very lucky – and was too dramatic last night. It was just foggy and a small bit drizzly, nothing like what it looks like outside right now, which is to say, SLOP.  I am so happy – I got my two purple shirts (two because I know I’ll sweat through one of them,of course) and the instructions for next week.  We only ran for 8 miles, and I felt good, no cobwebs or anything. Ran for a mile or so with a girl named Sarah on my team who is slower, but she’s super nice and the time seemed to fly by.  She is going to start with the “early start” next week – the Maine Marathon allows that if you suspect you’ll be going slower than 13 minute mile pace. She’ll start at 6 a.m. and the rest of us will start at 7:45.  She and her husband had trouble reaching the fundraising minimum so if anyone at work asks me if they can still donate this week, I am going to ask them to pay into her fund instead, and hopefully they will.  I’m lucky, I’ve been able to reach the minimum and then some, thanks to very generous friends and colleagues.

I got excited on the ride home, thinking how my brother and I will be able to talk next week and see each other for the first time in many months.  He said he’s not been able to run as much as he used to but the runs he’s done lately have been at his own pace, so he’ll be fine to run with my running partner and I. 

My real coach (not my husband, aka the coach who sleeps through most of my practices)  advised I just run 2-3 miles on my runs this week and ride the bike but with no resistance, and for only 30 minutes at a time.  It’ll be good to rest some, although I am teaching a class at the end of this week to LLM students (foreign-trained lawyers who come for a master’s degree in law) with a super-nice professor so I still have lots to do before Saturday.  My “work work” will help to take my mind off of pre-race stress, I hope.  LLM students are great to work with – they really do want to learn, and they generally are not afraid to ask questions – great if you are the teacher!! 🙂

So, my husband and I are off to a good friend’s wedding tonight, then it’s off to work again for me tomorrow.  That’s alright – next Monday I get to take a comp day for the weekend work and not feel guilt at all!

So, this is not the most exciting post I know, but I wanted to let you know I was just being a drama queen *wink* last night, thankfully!  🙂

Yeah, right now I am thinking my answer to that question is going to be a resounding NOT.  I would rather run 8 miles on the boring treadmill than take a chance on getting anything tomorrow and feeling anything less than good next week.  Lis, my running partner, who is still fighting shin splints and is  stranded in Cincinatti airport right now, agrees. Clearly she’s not going to be able to make it to practice tomorrow.

It has been pouring rain pretty much most of the day. While it has not been a completely raw day I think the wind gusts have made it miserable. I don’t feel like running through huge puddles for 8 miles.  This may make me sound like a whiner, I know. I’ve run in rain before, and if it rains a ton on the day of the marathon, well then so be it, I guess we run in the rain but at least it will be race day!!

The good thing is, I get my shirt tomorrow – wahoo!

There’s a verb I never thought I’d use…

Before I forget, if you want to take a look at our race photos from last weekend, go to Capstone Photo – Maine Coast Half Marathon, and search on Bib 425.  I’m even smiling in some of them! The ones ending in 1791, 1792 and 1794 were all taken about the 10.7ish mile point, when I was starting to get a real second wind, and also one of the times I was able to see Bill while on the course.

Yeah, this taper phase is still a bit weird but I can see how Alissa likes it. I am liking having more time at home. More time to eat Oreos!!  Just kidding.  But seriously, I love oreos, so much that I am considering buying a pack for  Bill to hold onto and give to me at the end of the race. There’s nothing I won’t do for one of those!!  They are my weakness…

The other morning while running I thought of how when Kara runs, she is always so observant and can remember lots of details about her runs.  What do I see a lot of or remember? Road kill.  I seem to always be able to smell it very well too, sorry to say for me.   I’ve seen dead turtles, squirrels, skunks, raccoons.  At least I am not usually worried about rattlesnakes, or just plain snakes, as would be the case if I were Jill or Alissa in the desert.

By the way, fall/autumn has finally reached New England. For those of you who don’t get to see the four seasons come around, I will take some pictures and post them by next week if I can. I’ve seen some trees already turning bright red and fuschia. On the one hand, I like this time of year, there’s no humidity and it is very pretty. On the other hand, it also makes me a bit depressed. It’s colder, it’s usually dark when I get up (so even if I were a morning runner, it’s not the safest thing to do) and by October, it’s also pretty dark pretty early in the evening. Sunset is already coming at about 6:40. When you’re working til 5 or 5:30 at least, it’s hard to get a run in before it’s dark. And again, even with the headlamp, not so safe.  So eventually it’ll be back to the treadmill inside for me, although my running partner and I would like to try to get outside with each other for runs on the weekends.

Anyway, I rode the bike again tonight – this time for only 30 minutes and again with no resistance. Only 10.8 miles too. Finished my book, read part of Money Magazine (how depressing is that magazine, given the news you hear every day now, about the government bailout, etc.) All in all not a bad night. I still feel tired, and I’ve been having some sneezing fits off and on the last few days so I’m taking lots of vitamin C, echnichea, and eating lots of fruit. And trying to get lots of sleep.

For those of you who knew I was teaching a large class last night, it didn’t seem to have the same energy level as some of the classes I’ve done, but at 7:30 at night, we’re all tired, me and the students. And learning about the bluebook is seriously one of the most boring things in the world, but something they need to learn. Those of you who read this blog and are in m field know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who are not law librarians, just think of the Chicago Manual of Style and you get the picture.

Oh, and by the way, my fundraising is over $2600!!!!!!!  🙂

Hope you’re all running well and happy.

Last night I rode the bike for 45 minutes, for my usual 16.2 miles.  However I hardly broke a sweat. Taking my coach’s advice, I didn’t up the resistance at all. I actually was able to read my book, The Divide, by Nicholas Evans (I recommend it by the way), and enjoy it!  Usually I’m busy huffing and puffing.

Because I have to teach tonight I’m only going  into work at noon today. However that means if I was going to run at all this week, it had to be this morning. So I did. A whopping 3.12 miles, with a few hills – again my coach had said to keep my runs short during the week.  So weird. I ran 4 times that distance on Sunday and today I even walked a bit. I refuse to feel guilty though about the walking – I realize my body is trying to recuperate from last night’s (not so hard) biking and just in general, it’s trying to rest and store up energy for a little less than two weeks from now.

I’d rather get the bad runs out of the way now in fact – as long as nothing bad happens on October 5th, I’ll be happy. It’ll be so cool to be able to talk with my brother for four hours – we’ve both been so busy lately that we end up trading voicemails and that’s how we know what is going on in each other’s life.

So, wish me luck tonight – teaching 85 kids at one time about the “bluebook style of citation” is not an ideal situation but it allows me to get to a lot of students at one time. My boss says one of my strong suits is my ability to connect with students, so I’ll just try the best I can. That was always my grandma’s advice and I thought she was a very smart woman.

Our long run this weekend is going to be 8 miles. So weird!!

I knew I’d forget to mention a few things.

Oh, and before I forget, there are more pictures on my photobucket account (sorry Penny, I did try to grab the code to put them on my blog and it looks like Photobucket doesn’t have it available for WordPress!! ugh!!)  The album says “maine coast sunday afternoon” (but actually some are from Saturday afternoon.)  We saw a guy playing with his dogs in the ocean – one of them even had a lifejacket on, it was so cute!

So here are some other items I forgot:

  1. It was so cold on Saturday afternoon that I (“the one who sweats like no other”) was even thinking I might have to wear long sleeves on Sunday. Then I woke up Sunday morning and that idea flew ou the window.
  2. Yet, there was this lady running in front of me (“at times,” I’ll explain).  It was a bit distracting as she’d literally sprint for about 100 yards, then walk for about 100-200 yards, then all-out sprint, etc. over and over. She was wearing long sleeves and long pants (making me feel really hot) and she wasn’t wearing her thick, shoulder-length hair up at all.  How could she stand it?!  I finally caught up to her and offered her the extra elastic off of my wrist, which she took, and said thanks. About a mile later she was back at it, hair swinging everywhere, making ME hot!
  3. My husband, Bill, noticed very strange running styles of many women- he said there was a girl speedwalking who looked like she was about to fall forward any minute if she got pushed.  Another lady looked like she was literally conducting an orchestra.
  4. About mile 10.7 yesterday, I saw two guys sitting outside of their hotel wearing Yankee hats. I almost yelled out “what the crap are you wearing them for? Are you serious? This is New England – that’s just unpatriotic!” and then I thought “ok, keep your eyes on the prize, just keep going, don’t get distracted!”  I saw them again at the very end as I sprinted past.
  5. This was one of those races where I found myself pretty much smiling at every spectator that was cheering for us.  I tried to thank a lot of them too.
  6. I realized while running, “I really like doing what I am doing right now. I am extremely lucky to be healthy enough to do this.” Maybe that’s why I smiled so much.
  7. Jordin Sparks’ One Step at a Time came on my iPod at a very appropos time. A lot of songs did yesterday, just when I needed them.  (Sorry, can’t embed it.)
  8. I wasn’t sure why but at mile 9 (that sounded like it was Kristin‘s hardest one too), I did think that 13 miles seemed kind of long. But it shouldn’t, I know, because I did so many more the week before. Maybe because my brain knew it only had to do 13, so my body was reacting differently.
  9. Bill said that there were two open trash cans after Mile 12 and he watched a bunch of women try to put their water cups into them, all without success.  It seemed none of them could make a basket if they tried. Apparently, being a runner does not also make you a good basketball player. 😦
  10. Both Bill and I saw women talking on their cell phones – but the one he saw was literally running at the same time! How the hell is that possible!?
  11. The winner of the race did it in something like 1:17:00.  Sick! Sick! That’s like Olympic-speed fast!
  12. My overall time was 2:21:08 – so my average mile pace was 10:46, which isn’t bad for me considering that usually Melissa and I run about 11 minute miles on the weekend long runs, also considering that I walked a bit in mile 9, and a tiny, tiny bit on mile 11.   I also walked through all of the water stops since my coworker Will says “it’s better to get the water in you rather than on you.”  🙂

I have to say, I think I took too long before I got in the ice bath yesterday – my body hurt so much today at work, it was weird! I have not hurt that badly in a long time, but I used the Stick tonight on m legs and I feel much better now.

Ok, I’m off to read some of your blogs and get some thank-you notes done! I’m so glad you liked the pictures – believe it or not, but there were some trees whose leaves were starting to turn, along the highway heading north.  I don’t know about all of you but it’s WAY too early for that to happen already!

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