Maybe it was because it was run mainly in the dark. Mainly it’s because today there was basically no humidity for a change. Maybe because it’s my anniversary. Maybe because the planets are all aligned or in retrograde. I don’t know the reason why, and I don’t care. All I do know is tonight felt great, and now I have ice on my legs so that they feel great again on Saturday for the 18 miler!

By all accounts, tonight should not have been a great run – didn’t eat as much all day as I normally do. Got home and unwrapped the roses my husband had left behind (two different bouquets since he was not sure which I’d like more – all red, or a bunch of pink, white and yellow.) (Yes, ladies, he has learned after all the years we’ve been together – when in doubt, get both!) 🙂 Anyway, I only left at about 7:30 and planned on running about 6 miles. This is my rolling hill loop that I do when at home on Thursday nights. Tonight, where I normally feel the hills, I could hardly remember running up them.

Normally I don’t mention work on this blog, because I want to keep my work and my running life separate. But today I think part of my great run was due to a very positive experience at work. My boss and I made a presentation to a large number of students who act as mentors and advisors to first year law students. We showed them a project we’ve been working on steadily for over a year, and it was pretty great to hear some of the students say loudly enough for everyone to hear “that’s cool” and to hear how amazed they all were to know all of the services that we offer. I work in such a large school that it is very hard to know if you’re succeeding or not, whether you are “getting to them” (meaning the students, and everyone else). Today, I felt like we did get to them, and we heard some very favorable comments from the students who arranged for our talk afterward. I cannot tell you how good that felt. The last time I felt like I had such a great run was after I talked to the Law Review students as a group and felt like the meeting went well. These two meetings were, I hope, just the beginning of our opening the lines of communications with many students. Never overvalue the strength of word of mouth in getting your message across. Anyway, the positive feelings from both meetings crossed over into my run and I’m glad for it.

Now let’s just hope I can keep those positive feelings going on Saturday!!!

Happy Running Everyone!