I suggest you take a look at our medal list count on ESPN. There are some very weird sounding sports that I have never heard of and quite frankly, can’t believe they are part of the Olympics, but after this year, it won’t include softball or baseball.

Ever hear of these? As an Olympic sport, I mean?

  1. Shooting – Men’s Skeet
  2. Shooting – Men’s Double Trap
  3. Men’s 50 Meter Rifle Prone
  4. Men’s 10 Meter Air Pistol
  5. BMX racing

Ok, I’ve got to say this. I’m watching the Olympics, of course. You have got to be kidding me – they have this ridiculous gymnastic exhibition event complete with the cheesiest music I have ever heard of; in fact it makes me want to gag. We could actually be watching track and field events, but you know, we have not seen that much gymnastics so far, we obviously need more! (Please note my sarcasm.) I just don’t get why some of these Olympic sports such as gymnastics and ice skating in the winter, which seem to dominate the US coverage, then get even more air time while others go completely uncovered by the TV press. My husband tells me it’s because the coverage of the games is aimed at the target audience of women. Hm. I’m a woman, yet I could stand to see other things – like maybe the 10 M Air Pistol competition!! 🙂

Hell, bring on the Trampoliners!!

Finally, I know I may be acting like a girly girl by saying this, but I have really liked some of the Go World Visa ads. Mabye it’s hearing Morgan Freeman’s voice, I don’t know. Here’s there one with Derek Redmond and his dad from the 1992 Olympics. I don’t care how many world records Usain Bolt wins, he doesn’t even compare to this athlete, who finished dead last. If I see him thump his chest one more time, or do that stupid V thing with his fingers, I just want to……. It’s called, dude, learn some class. Actually run all the way through to the tape.