Today was a pretty important run for me – it was the first time I’ve done a new distance in about a month. Having run the 25K trail run in July, it was still important for me to do the 15 miles on roads last week – running roads is so much different from trails. The pounding on your body is much greater.

I felt badly for my training partner and friend, Lis, today. As she said, no good deed goes unpunished. She gave blood the other day, even told the folks who took it, that she was training for a marathon. She only realized later that that is not a good idea when you are training like we are right now. She felt pretty tired most of the way, so today was my day to be “the rabbit” (you know, the Energizer Bunny), and keep us going.

This is the difference between running alone and running with someone – there were times where I was running in front of her and would look back to see her walking a few steps. Walking seemed like a good idea to me too, but then I’d look back and there she had started up again, so I’d have to keep going! Although I have to admit, during our last lap around the lake, I had to say to her at one point, can we walk? Just for a little bit, as my asthma was, or felt like, it was starting to kick in. And the sun had finally decided to show itself to New England!

Anyway, I feel like my cross training is really helping. About a month ago, before I had started the Run Less, Run Faster program, I felt like I was running slower and slower every time I went out, and even to run 10 minute miles felt pretty slow, which made me angry because that was my pace when starting out. Today, at some points, I looked down at the trusty Garmin and saw I was doing around 10 minute miles, and I was like “hm, that doesn’t feel too bad!” Not bad considering this was around mile 12 or 13. A month ago, we were only running 11 or 12 miles!

Pretty excited – My Life on the Run, by Bart Yasso, is a book I had requested from my public library a little while ago, and I just got word today that it is in and waiting for me!

Going home to my mom for a few days in upstate NY. Looking forward to seeing her and running in a beautiful area near Cooperstown on Monday morning. Hopefully I can educate her about some of the elite runners at the Olympics!

Happy Running everyone!