I guess that during those weeks, you just have to have faith in yourself and your training and know that it’s an infrequent occurrence and that you need to keep on moving forward. I refuse to beat myself up over this tonight (ok, I’m trying not to anyway.) Guess I’ll have to categorize this post under “training workouts”, as in, the lack thereof.

Today was just one of those days at work where you have the best intentions to get stuff done on your To-Do list, yet it just never happens all day. And tomorrow is pretty much taken up for all but one hour or so with prior commitments. But there was a good event today – I met a lecturer/professor who I will be working with and found out he’s married to a librarian! I already had a good feeling about the guy, I then told him “now I KNOW we’re going to get along!” πŸ™‚

I left work tonight after 6:30, by the time I got home, I was starving, and to be honest, I needed a break from eating dinner at 9:15ish at night, like I’ve been doing all week. Then trying to attempt to watch a bit of the Olympics, and then getting to sleep at a time which would allow me about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. And, very uncharacteristic of me, when I got home, I even stole my husband’s beer out of his hand and told him he could get his own. Now, to compliment my salad, I am eating Oreos. (very healthy, I know, it’s just been that kind of day.)

So I guess I will have no excuse to not have very rested legs by Saturday. I have to have faith in the speedwork I did the other night (which actually went well, even though it was on a treadmill, because yes, it’s shocking I know, but it rained the other night) and the cross-training that I’ve done for the week, consisting of biking and rowing, as being enough. By the way, Bill heard that as of the end of July, we had already received more thundershowers in 2008, than we normally get in a year. This has been such a weird summer here – the last few mornings it has actually been chilly out here. As in temps in the 50s. In August!

On a positive note, I am SO excited to start seeing some of the running events at the Olympics. My husband likes the sprints the best, but of course, I like the distance events.

Oh, and this just in, with the check I just received today, I have now raised $2272 for TNT – WOOHOO! My colleagues alone account for $1005 of the total. Yes, I am quite fortunate to work with so many very generous people, both in terms of fundraising and in terms of support. There have been many days where someone has seen me with sneakers on and asked me how my training is going, how far am I running that night, etc. Pretty cool!