Kaity over at Lazy Girl’s First Marathon asked in a recent post: Why  Do You Run? It’s funny but I had been wondering the same thing recently. Had my reasons changed, or do I just have  more reasons now to run, or to keep on running?   So I took a look back at one of my very first posts, called Why I Run.

1. Then: for the people who have been/are now part of my life, past and present, who can’t run. People like my grandmother, who I loved more than life itself, and my friend Cheryl, who most of my coworkers heard about a few years ago before she died from cancer.

Now: Those reasons will never change. The list of loved ones may just get longer.

2. Then: For my health.

Now: To maintain my new physical strength that’s built up over the miles. To maintain the positive attitude all this running has helped me acquire/increase/improve. Of course there are times when the positive attitude wanes a bit (having a slew of bad runs, or stressful days can do that) but overall, maintaining a better outlook on life.

3. Then: To keep a balance in my life.

Now: Still hoping and trying to keep that delicate balance in my life between work, family and mental and physical health. As then, it’s still a struggle some days (as in today, when I’m eating dinner around 9:30 p.m.), but it’s still a goal.

4. Then: to get that runner’s high, which, yes, does actually exist.

Now: Still to get that runner’s high. Last week while running 15 miles, there were seriously parts of my run where I thought to myself, “Oh my God, I’m HERE already?! Doesn’t this spot on the run usually seem a lot further along?”

Now, some new reasons.

5. I now have people depending on me to run, and wanting me to succeed. Those are my coach, Kelly, who’s completely awesome and always concerned about how we are feeling, do we need anything, etc. There are our team mentors, who show up on Saturday mornings at 7 a.m. to sit and make sure we’re doing alright at every water stop, as well as to offer words of encouragement and advice on fundraising.

One of those people is my running partner, Lis, without whose strength and friendship, this would be much more difficult. We met on the first day of training, when the two of us were the only women who dared to run 3 miles (we laugh now to think of how short a distance that seems.) She tells me now that she was “dying” as we finished together, but I think she was exaggerating, ha ha ha. We are a team, and we’re not going to let the other run alone in October. She pushes me to keep going the distance on our long run, and I keep pushing her when we do the sprint work. We also keep reminding each other of how far along we’ve both come. We seem to just kind of get each other, which is a great thing.

All of you fellow bloggers and readers who have taken the time to drop me a line, whether on this blog, or by email, I count you among those as wanting me to succeed. I appreciate the positive wishes, thoughts, and encouragement. I want you to know, I will keep on working hard.

6. To challenge myself. I certainly didn’t think that all of this was possible even after having watch my brother run his second Boston Marathon (and I think, tenth overall) this past spring. Now I just wonder what I can’t do. Whenever I have a moment of self-doubt, I remember those who have supported me, and if that still isn’t enough, my husband reminds me of how far I’ve come, and how I’ve completely shattered my comfort zone.

7. To learn more about myself. When you run long miles, and you’re not a 7 or sub-7 minute miler like my brother, you have some time to think things out and get your head straight.

8. Have you ever seen how much you can eat when you are burning this many calories? I LOVE food. One difference from 5 months ago – I am eating so much better now. It’s a whole different outlook on food and its relation to my body.

9. It’s a new love of my life. Not a phase, but a love that’s been around for 2 years, and one that I am hoping to keep around as a lifelong love.

10. I might have a screw loose like some of my other family members who like doing ultramarathons. (Just kidding, folks, I have all my marbles. So do they!) But their excitement has clearly rubbed off on me.

With all of that, I leave you for the evening, as I continue to watch the Olympics, and count down the two days until the running events begin. I SO can’t wait to see Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, and of course the marathoners, both US and from other countries. Talk about inspiration! (Watching the Olympics tonight while on treadmill while doing 5 1K repeats – yeah that definitely helped to ease the pain.)

Happy Running Everyone!