Sometimes I’ve told myself I’ll be able to eat tons of Oreos, sometimes I’ve told myself I can then take it easy the rest of the day and just relax.

For me on this past Saturday, it was that I could relax and take it easy the rest of the day and maybe even go out and do something with my husband, seeing as it was Saturday and all. We decided to go on a “ride” of sorts – they have a boat here in Boston Harbor which is called Codzilla. It was pretty cool! I have one hint for all of you, however. If your city has one of these boats, do not, I repeat, DO NOT sit in the middle of it, underneath where the Captain sits. They only told us, as we were pulling out of the harbor, that we were sitting in the wettest part of the boat. When the captain came to a quick stop, we found out why! There was a lady sitting a row behind us, wearing white shorts, who ended up wearing see-through shorts by the end. She looked like she had taken a shower in her clothes.

Here are some pics – keep in mind the only reason my hair is not soaking wet in the picture of the two of us, is because I had a sweatshirt on and held it pretty close to my head every time we got soaked!  Bill was kind of grossed out at one point on the ride, as he said “I think  I just got Boston Harbor in my mouth!” (Yeah, that’s not pretty. Let’s just leave it at that.)  We both normally look much less disheveled than we do in this picture!

The rest of the shots are of the Boston skyline and the new Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as the new Convention Center, for those of you who have never been to Boston. 

Happy Running everyone!

p.s. Is anyone else getting inspired during their gym workouts by watching the Olympics? This morning I was able to keep going on the bike, almost without feeling it, because I was so excited to see the American guys win their beach volleyball match. They say that  Dalhauser’s reach is over 8 feet, and when he jumps, he can basically reach about 11 feet into the air. A little shrimp like me of 5ish feet, will never know what that feels like.  🙂