So let’s see what is the weather forecast for today – oh what a surprise. More rain. I swear to God, we have had so much rain this past summer. The weather forecasters are saying that they have never seen something like this before. It rains almost literally every day. I go to bed at night, our driveway has puddles. Wake up, and it’s the same thing. We have standing puddles along the streets.

The good thing about all the rain is that our lawn stays green, which is great since my town has some stupid rule against using sprinklers and has had this same stupid rule for the last 8 years. All because of wells being contaminated. (I guess it would be too much of a hassle to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Instead, let’s just keep fining our residents for using sprinklers and caring how their properties look, especially when the folks living down the street, who happen to be part of another town, go ahead and just use their sprinklers.) Can you tell this is something that has bugged me for a while?

Ok, sorry. I’m off that soapbox now.

Last night’s run started out with me being tired and in a crabby mood. My shins/calves were pretty sore. I was just not in the mood to get out there. I walked a few times. My playlist just didn’t do anything for me. The humidity pissed me off. It was at something like 85-90% last night. (This morning it was at a very comfortable (not my sarcasm) 98%.) This was my route with hills – at least I got through all but I’d say one of them.

There is one pet peeve I have – I had my headlamp on because I was running in the dark. Why did some people drive so close to me that I literally had to draw my right arm in, to avoid getting hit? Couldn’t they see that I was basically as far over as my 5′ 1′ frame could go? Do you ever wonder if the people driving by you are other runners or not, and try to figure it out by how much room they give, or don’t give you?

So, my reading assignment for myself today is to read more of my Running Within book, because tomorrow I need to do 15 miles, and Lis won’t be there to push me (she’s taking a well-deserved vacation as of this evening.) I need to be positive and keep going like she does, the Energizer Bunny.

Tomorrow will be better, I just need to keep telling myself that. And hey, the Olympics start tonight!

Happy Running to everyone! Oh, and I’d like to wish the Run Addict a safe trip back to Iraq, although I wish you could just stay in the States with your family.