We both ride bikes, but that isn’t it, sorry to say. I get both Runner’s World and Running Times, and of course, they always arrive in my mailbox within a day or two of each other, so I get all of my reading in binges, and then there’s a famine for at least a month.

One of the articles mentioned that when he ran the NYC Marathon with little advance prep, he used something like 15 GUs during his run. I also do a lot of GU, or “paste” as my husband likes to refer to it (he only likes the chocolate and because it tastes like brownie batter.) I did at least 4 of them last weekend on the 14-miler, plus the Endurolytes, plus my Gatorade. So tonight I tried some of those Sport Jelly Beans, while I was riding the bike, just to try something different. There is only so many gels you can do, you know? The sport jellies tasted pretty good too! So I may buy some more and use them in conjunction with the Endurolytes (because believe me, I LOVE those things!)

There was a column in Running Times that was poo-pooing the fact that some people run with iPods, and the author was lamenting the fact that the USATF might reverse their ruling about allowing headphones in their sanctioned races, when they meet at their convention this year. You know what I say to that? AMEN!

And Oh My God. Runner’s World has a top-ten list of “Pack Rules” for folks running races that just made me laugh out loud, seeing as I am definitely a pack runner. #6 deals with aiming your fluids correctly, and they don’t just mean the water in the cup. Hysterical! It also mentions a guy who barked during an entire race – all I can say to that is WTH? Luckily, I have never seen that before and I hope never to experience it either!

Ok, and now I have a question for all of you out there, who’ve read this far. Has anyone ever told you that they think your running is just a phase? I have to admit, it kind of bothered me. I certainly don’t feel like it’s a phase. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life right now (I even have ABS, I discovered the other day, and good ones! A two-pack even!) I’ve been running for two years now, since my abdominal surgery back in 2006, and I finally think I am “getting” the right way to train. Before, I think I used to stop running after a few weeks or months because I didn’t know anything about pacing, overtraining, how to eat correctly, etc. I am not saying I am an expert runner or anything, but I have more of an idea of what to do, and what not to do. And I have the support of my family, a few of which are long-term runners, and from all of whom I receive so much moral support and encouragement. So I’m just going to keep on moving forward and respect that others can have their opinions, even if they are different from mine.

However, of these things I am sure: I WILL run the marathon in October, I WILL finish it, with my running partner, Lis, and my brother next to me, and I WILL continue to create and achieve milestones for myself.