In fact, I think both Lis and I are strange because we both actually look forward to it. However, I didn’t tell her what the First method had on tap for us tonight because I didn’t want her to worry about it ahead of time, like I was.

We were supposed to warm up for a mile (we cut it to 3 laps since there were a bunch of kids on the track too, for a soccer/conditioning training camp.) Our cool down was supposed to be a mile also – we cut it to running 2 laps, walking one. The dark clouds were starting to roll in, and I like to get out of there before the bugs come out since mosquitoes seem to LOVE me (you’re not alone, Amy!)

Then with 200M rest intervals, we were to do the following (we didn’t cheat either): 1 X 1200, 1 X 1000, 1 X 800, 1 X 600, 1 X 400, 1 X 200. Here’s the good news – both of us seem to be running faster than the paces given to us in the book, or at least feeling stronger than we think we otherwise would feel. I was happy to see that some of my stronger splits had me running at a pace that would have a 5K in the 24 or 25 minute range – WOOHOO! My dream is to be able to do that Paddy’s Road Race in October and break the 26 minute barrier. I figure, at that point, 3 miles will seem pretty short! That is one road race I will keep going back to every year – it was the first one I did locally when I started up running again a few years ago.
We both think that this speed work is going to help us in the long run, and we have a method of doing it. I run in front of her for speed work, and when it comes to the longer runs on Saturdays, she now tends to run in front of me since she’s totally like the Energizer Bunny – she just keeps going, and going, and going…

If only I can keep this good feeling going into Saturday’s 15 mile run – my fingers, and toes, are crossed!

So, I’d like to leave you with a passage I highlighted in my own copy of Running Within. I never realized this distinction before – no wonder my “visualization attempts” have not worked – I was doing “visual thinking”, not visualization!

From page 31:

“There is a difference between visual thinking and the process of visualization. The former is a random attempt to think about some future event or situation. When left to chance, these thoughts may take the form of negative worry about all of the catastrophic possibilities. Such negative images can create anxiety and fear, wasting your nervous energy, jeopardizing your focus, and thus increasing the probability of undesirable outcomes.”

I totally recommend this book. Happy Running Everyone!