I just heard about a 1/2 marathon that happens on September 21st, in York, Maine, called the Maine Coast 1/2 Marathon. The timing is perfect – we are supposed to go down to 12 miles that week for TNT training!! And here’s what I really love about it (sorry, Chris), but it’s a women-only race. That would be two weeks before our marathon in Portland, ME. It’s only supposedly 65 miles from where I live (must be right over the border in Maine), and the course looks to be gorgeous, with 30% less hills than last year (how can you not love that?) To run along the ocean, with that breeze is just awesome. (It should definitely be cooler up there.) I would hope by that point, running 12-13 miles would feel a lot shorter than it did this past weekend.

I so hope that I can get that weekend off from work – everyone please cross your fingers!!!

You know it’s funny – Lis and I both ran 7-8 miles last Thursday night and we both remembered that not so long ago, that distance would have been our LONG run for the week. I remember reading Lisa’s blog not too many months ago and seeing her write that she had run “just” 9 miles that day, and that she couldn’t believe that there was ever a day she could use the words “just” and “9 miles” in the same sentence. I remember thinking I would never get to that point. I’m pretty glad to say that’s no longer the case.