Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, your runs just don’t go so well. That’s the way I feel about today. I had a pretty good run after the first 2.6 miles or so on Thursday, and I feel I’ve been running well lately, so I hate to think that I jinxed myself but on Thursday night, I thought to myself, I might be due for a bad one sometime soon.

I woke up this morning in the mood to run, honestly, I did. Excited to hit a new milestone of 14 miles. I just wish my body had been caught up with my mind, at least when I first got up. When I first started running, it was ok, except that I felt some pain in my little left pinkie-toe. (How could something so small be such a giant pain-in-the-u-know-where? ) I ended up using at least 4 or 5 bandaids, with each of them seeming to come off faster and faster, to slide around in my sock and annoy me, until finally for the last 4-5 miles, I just tried to run while mentally trying to stretch that toe away from the rest of its brothers and sisters on my left foot.

I am noticing more and more the positive effects that my Endurolytes have on me. Specifically how I feel when I don’t use them – today I didn’t use any for probably my last hour of my run, and I think the effect was that during the last 1.5 miles or so, I just felt like I was running on a completely empty tank. I’d also done some GUs, and I am tending to think that while the Powerbar gels don’t taste as good, they tend to be bigger and have more of an effect on me in the long run. I am beginning to think that it may be a good idea to start bringing some sort of actual food on these runs in the future, like how I ate my way through the 25K trail race last month.

One thing that I am not liking at all though – the way I am finding myself to be sweating on these runs. Today when Lis and I caught up with our coach at a water stop at around mile 10ish, she laughed and asked if I had run under a shower cloud that had been hanging over just my head. I was that gross. From now on, I think I need to bring a second shirt that I can change into after the first half of the run. Who knows, by the 20 milers we get to, I may be bringing two extra shirts. All I know is, it’s gross, and it stinks when your clothes are all wet, you are done using your GU, and with the ground being so wet from the humidity, there is just no place to wipe your hands!

But enough of the downer talk. Lis was great to stay with me today even though it took us forever, or like what seemed to be an eternity, to cover 14 miles. (Alissa, your 12-miles in 2:10 sounds like you would have probably lapped us today if we’d been running the same route.) Today was just one of those days where

This next part should make you laugh, and that’s fine, even if it’s at me. One of my newest downloads is by the Jonas Brothers. When Lis asked me who that was, I said they’re like Hanson, for the younger teenagers today. (I am only slightly embarrassed to admit I have this on my iPod, but wow is the video STUPID!)

Here are two videos below – you decide?! (Of course the way you vote will show if you tend toward Gen X, like me, or Gen Y.)

Jonas Brothers, Burnin’ Up

Hanson, Mm Bop

Here’s the link to their video on YouTube, which unfortunately I can’t embed here, but you can check it out on YouTube. Hard to believe that these three kids now have 6 kids between them!

Bill’s reaction to my linking to Hanson’s MySpace page? (It started music on my laptop, as you may have found if you clicked on one of the links above…) “Um, you may have a problem.” šŸ™‚