I was thinking last night about how lucky I’ve been to have the time to be able to train for a marathon. Not all of us do. I’m lucky to have a husband who doesn’t mind eating on his own sometimes, or who doesn’t care that our house is not the picture of immaculate cleanliness since both of us work full-time.

The people who I think amaze me the most are the moms and dads that are raising kids, and yet still find the time to get out there regularly (or as much as they can anyway) and run, or just exercise. In my neighborhood, there are women who I see out there regularly, walking their kids in strollers, or running with their kids in strollers.

How many times have I felt tired and wanted to stop, but haven’t been pushing an extra 50 pounds or so of weight?!

So to my fellow bloggers, who I know are moms or dads, whether stay-at-home, or those working and raising kids: Karen, Jenn, Tamara, Chris, Lisa, Shawna, my hat is off to you. (Apologies if I have missed anyone.) To my sister, who I hope is reading this, you are amazing also, you know that. You’ve started running again, and with the three kids, who are awesome by the way. It doesn’t matter how far you run, just that you do it. 🙂

I appreciate the support you’ve all given me over the past several months, but really, all I have to worry about is myself, my husband and (now, only) my two cats. All of you have so many more responsibilities – I truly don’t know how you do it but you deserve to give yourselves some pats on your back(s).

I’m taking off today to have fresh legs for my 14-15 miler tomorrow with TNT – to everyone out there, Happy Running this weekend!