Call us weird, but both Lis and I actually had fun doing speedwork and stadiums last night at our nearby Burlington track. At one point I counted, and there were at least 20 people at the track, either walking or running. That was pretty cool to see. The only part that seemed really hard was, I’d say the 3rd 800 we did, especially because the sun had really come out from behind the clouds and we could really feel it. So, I admit it, we cheated, and we took more than a 2 minute breather between the 3rd 800 and the 4th and last one. We waited probably like 4 minutes. I just felt like I needed to rest a bit and not be dizzy.

The hard part we have with Lis is that she’s never run a 5K and so, trying to figure out paces when the FIRST program bases things off of that distance, can be a bit difficult. We finally figured out that she was running something close to a 28:30 or 28:40 5K because most of her 800s were pretty consistent in ending up to be about 4:20.

For me, I was kind of stupid on the first one out, of course. I wasn’t calculating my pace right, did the first 400 in 1:50 (normally my 400 pace) and then said, “ok, whoa slow down a bit there, or you WILL die later on in this workout.) (Alien, don’t laugh but I couldn’t figure out how to get my stopwatch set, even though I’ve used it many times in the past. I am just not the gadget guru that you are.) So my first 400 was way too fast – something like 3:50, then the next two were around 4:05 or 4:06 and I think the last one, having had the cheating break of 4 minutes, was something like 4:00. So I failed in the “trying to be consistent pace” sake somewhat, but I felt good afterward.

I had mentioned to Lis about doing stadiums, which idea I had gotten from this post of Tamara’s, which totally cracked me up. (And Tamara, I know what you mean about sending the kids, my sister once came to visit after I had surgery, and she just enjoyed the peace and quiet for a few days.) At first she thought I was nuts, but to be honest, we both had a really good time doing them. We saw another guy doing them at one point too, when we had taken a break, and it hit us that although we may not be speed demons and couldn’t hope to actually win a race if our lives depended on it, but we are in pretty good shape compared to a lot of people. (Not that this guy was out of shape, I commend him for working out and getting out there) but we realized for our ages of 35 and 44, we are doing pretty good and have come a long way since the start of training.

I have to say this about our training together. We are both Type A personalities (although I am certainly working on not being one all the time, I guess it’s ok to be Type A in some parts of your life) and at one point she went to her car for Gatorade while I kept on going. Later on she felt like she needed to do more stadiums to catch up with me. Then when we were both thinking of quitting, I said “ok, I’m just going to do 5 more” thinking honestly that’s all I could do. So she decided to do the same. Five turned into 15. Do you see where this is going? Then I took a break. And said to myself, “ok five more.” This when I got the look of death from the middle of the bleachers. And almost laughed out loud. I thought to myself “if one of us doesn’t say this has got to stop, this could go all night!”

So friendly competition is, as Martha Stewart says, “a good thing.”

Oh, and I finished the Every Second Counts book by Lance Armstrong, which was awesome and I highly recommend to everyone. Now I just got word that the book Replay by Kevin Grimwood is in for me at the library – woohoo! Nice beach reading, and good for thought pondering. I heard someone talking about it on NPR, I think, when I was out on the West Coast and was so intrigued I ordered it immediately. I also can’t wait to get the book written by Lance Armstrong’s mother, now there is a STRONG, AMAZING woman!