Lis and I had planned to do our speedwork together tonight. But it’s been raining, pretty much nonstop for the last day or so, and things here are pretty wet, flooded is more like it.  We decided we’d play it by ear and see what the weather was doing when we both left work. Well, big surprise, but it was DOWNPOURING. We decided we’d both have to go to our relative treadmills (hers at home, mine at the gym) and do our best to keep motivated to get through the speedwork on our own.

Lis ended up sort of modifying hers to be doing fartleks – she wears a heart monitor quite often (doesn’t drive her nuts like it does me) and she judges her effort by that.  I ended up doing the speedwork called for in Week 16 of the FIRST program.  I warmed up for about 10 minutes at 5.2ish on the treadmill. Then started running at the treadmill set on 6.9 or 8:41 pace. I wanted to be honest, so after the first 1/2 mile or so, I put the incline first up to .5, and then 1.0 which is what people tell me is most like running outside on flat ground, aka, a track.  I did the one minute intervals of rest (Alissa, I walk, not run, during those rest breaks) and did the next two miles the same way.  The 3rd mile was definitely harder – I had to take my running shirt and cover up the display so I didn’t just keep staring at it praying for it to end. I have to admit, the first mile, I thought maybe I should speed it up, and then thought to myself, “don’t be a dumbass, you will need to do two more of these – don’t get cocky!”)

At the end I walked for about 2 minutes, then ran another .8 or so, for a total of 5.05 miles this evening. Felt good to get it done! Just wish it could have been outside, but you know, as Lis said, we’re not on Noah’s Ark!   🙂  We tried to be good, but being good shouldn’t also mean being silly, and to run outside tonight would have been just dumb. We both like to run in the rain but there are also limits!

Oh, in case you were wondering – I was not running 6 days a week before this, but was trying to run about 4 days a week, with maybe cross-training on a 5th day when I could fit it in.  I think this will work for me – I can even read my latest novel/bio while on the bike as long  as I keep the cadence up as directed – NICE!