So I think I may have found a marathon training program that I can stick with. Of course I say this after only a few days. They say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so we’ll see. What I like about this program is the variety.  It allows me to cross-train without feeling guilty, i.e., normally I feel like I am wimping out by not being out there running 6 days a week, pounding away on the pavement on my legs.

Last night, I did the tempo run portion, for week 16. Granted, I may not have 16 weeks until the marathon (kind of scared, honestly, to check the calendar and see just how few left I have) but to me it seems right to start at the beginning of the program and just get through as much as I can before the actual race. The first tempo run calls for a 6-mile run. First two miles, you take at the “easy” pace, next two miles, you take at the “short tempo” pace, and the last two miles at the “easy” pace. Basically the easy pace is about 1 minute, 35 seconds slower than the “short tempo” pace.

I found the hardest part was trying to keep a steady pace – I think I tend to speed up, slow down, speed up, etc.  It might have been partly due to a very heavy cloud cover and tree cover, even with the newer Garmin 405, it jumped around the place somewhat.  I noticed I kept looking at the Garmin over and over to the point I was a bit afraid of tripping.  I di walk a bit at 2.6 miles (I know, I know, I shouldn’t have) and then again at 4 miles, I stopped for a bit to recollect myself.  I really needed to convince myself I could keep going. 

So tonight was cross-training on the schedule. Easy biking for 8 minutes (I think they meant 86-90 or so rpm) and then 30 minutes at what the book calls “moderate” as in 95-100 rpms, followed by 7 minutes of “easy, 86-90 rpms.)  I felt like a sweaty mess, but it went pretty well and I felt good when it was all done.

So tomorrow night, it’s speedwork with Lis at the track.   We’re supposed to warm up for 15 or so minutes, then run 3 miles, at a prescribed pace (I think for me, they are saying 8:32 minutes or something ridiculously fast like that), with only 1 minutes of rest in between. Then another 15 or so minutes of “Easy” running.   I know that Lis, with her mental toughness will be able to complete it. I, on the other hand, will be just praying to the gods of all that is good and holy that I don’t die during it. At least Lis would be my witness and be able to make the 911 call. 🙂

I leave you tonight with my thanks for all the well wishes since my bird Freddie died yesterday.  I know to some it may seem silly to be sad when a bird dies, but when someone is a member of your family to you, it hurts just the same.

Also, I leave you with a song by Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl.  It’s getting a lot of air play around here, and it’s downloaded on my iPod. I’m not trying to make a statement at all, I just like the song and the beat!  When the biking got tiring tonight, this helped a lot!