I followed the FIRST training program yesterday (it calls for running 3 days per week, with at least 2 days of cross-training.)  I knew I was not going to be able to work out or run tonight since Bill and I had plans with Lis and her husband, Steve, so I decided that after 13 or so miles on Saturday, the legs probably just couldn’t stand for running yesterday. I rode the bike at the gym, kept myself between 80-100 rpms for 40 minutes, and read the end of my Lance Armstrong book, It’s Not About the Bike.  I have to admit, I feel pretty good today, which is definitely not what I expected to be the case. Lis and I have decided we are going to do a track workout together on this Thursday night – this will be the first time I can do it with someone else, and I’m helping it motivates me to keep it up rather than giving up early on if I feel it’s not going as planned. We’re going to have to make our best estimate on what Lis would run for a 5K because she’s never run that distance race before – wish us luck!

It’s Not  About the Bike is an amazing book that I highly recommend.  At the end of the book he asks his doctor what he had at first thought about his chances – if he had been in the worst 50% of cases he had ever seen.  Basically he kept going to a smaller number, and it turns out his doctor had originally perceived Lance’s situation to be among the worst 3% of cases. That’s how bad his numbers were and his prognosis was. Lance had originally thought that he had a 20% chance of survival, I believe.

One thing that I found remarkable was that while he was in remission, he made an acronym out of the word Cancer.



Never Give Up




Pretty inspiring if you ask me.  Consider me a Lance fan.