It’s at least 90+ degrees here today and humid (those of you who always deal with this type of weather, my god, how do you do it?) but we had 11 miles on tap for this morning’s team practice. There were only about 6 or 7 of us running, my guess is because it’s that time of year when everyone takes vacations.  We started running at 7:20 and it definitely took Lis and I longer than it has taken us individually in the past to do this distance (normally we’d do it in 2 hours or 2 hours, 5 minutes) but we were drinking like fishes at every water stop, and I was having issues with my shoes. Lis was also having some transient pains in her knees, and my asthma was kicking in at times.  So, we were happy to get through it and we even sprinted against each other at the end.  And I am no longer the only nerd with the Camelbak – she also has one that goes around her waist. Both of our packs were pretty much empty at the end of today (but we also didn’t have them completely filled to start.)  When I got home from our practice, our mailbox thermometer was reading 100 but it’s in the sun.

I did find out something good today though. I tried those Endurolyte pills, and they were a super big help. I went from feeling pretty tired at times to feeling like I could keep going after our practice.  Lis even remarked that she could tell when they were giving me a boost.  I tried taking the minimum dosage – 1 pill per hour or so of exercise. I think for salty sweaters like me, they will make a big difference.  They didn’t bother my stomach today either, thankfully.

Well, I didn’t think I would run after our 11 miles, but on the way home, I don’t know what hit me. Those of you who have met Bill would understand the way he said “you’re doing what?! how many miles did you run this morning already?” when I said, “I’m going to go for a short run around the lake now” after i got home.  I put on my headphones, found my favorite song, and took off. I did run the first mile faster than normal, (Garmin said something like 9:00 mile at one point) probably due to the runner’s high, and then did walk a tiny bit on the way home. I felt good just for doing it. I don’t know why but I always feel like I have to have more mileage on tap for myself than what we do at practice. Maybe it’s because I know I am not a natural runner, that I feel I have to work harder to get to the same point as everyone else. Anyway, I feel like I am wimping out when I only do what is on our schedule.

So here are some pictures of the lake that is near our house. Bill took them Wednesday night when we went for a short walk after I got home from Portland, OR.

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And this is completely unrelated, but the song on my iPod that plays right before Paul Oakenfeld’s Ready Steady Go is from the cheesey movie, Coyote Ugly. But I like it anyway!
LeAnn Rhimes, Can’t Fight the Moonlight, from Coyote Ugly