Well, for those of you who like my lists, like my sister-in-law, Sue, here is another one! Here is what I thought about while doing a speed workout on the treadmill last night (I started this and got cutoff from the internet at my hotel since they charged me every 24 hoursa.)

  1. Ok, maybe working on the treadmill isn’t so bad. At least I can keep track of my speed and keep it consistent.
  2. God, I hate the fact that the treadmill asks me for my weight. As I keep working out, I keep gaining weight. I hope the guy next to me doesn’t see the number I enter in. Should I put in my real weight or a fake one?
  3. Real weight  it is, I want to see how many calories I am burning.
  4. Ok, this isn’t so bad, but I do know it’s only the first of 6 800s.
  5. I can’t believe I used to run these distances faster. What is happening to me?
  6. Wow, it doesn’t take me as long to recover anymore as it used to. And I know I am building up more miles every week, so stop beating yourself up.  Think about what Melissa says, she’s level-headed.
  7. Ok, let’s put it at 7.3 for the run speed now instead of 7.4. The point is to keep these consistent and at a pace which I can do 6 repeats.
  8. Think I’m going to die.
  9. Yep, I know I’m going to die. Can’t believe I have three more.
  10. Yep, have to take a break – quick one though – 2 minutes only – or else my bladder will explode. (I think I feel safe in saying we all know what this one feels like.  Just ask Paula Radcliffe if you don’t.)
  11. What was I thinking that this is something I can do every week?
  12. Just shut up, and it’ll be over soon, you big baby.
  13. Ok, that bladder break was a good break – and it didn’t even take me much longer than the 2 minutes break I normally give myself on this workout.
  14. Ok, can’t believe this is the 4th repeat. I am not sure I can do this.
  15. Ok, 5th repeat. Why don’t I just crank down the treadmill for a few seconds from 7.3 to 7.2? 
  16. Much better at 7.2.
  17. Ok, back up to 7.3, I can’t stay a wimp my entire life!
  18. THANK GOD this is my 6th and final 800.  YAY! I can’t believe I can even crank it up to 7.5 for just that last .1 of a mile.
  19. I DID IT!
  20. I now feel amazed that I could do that.  Even though I think I am running slower overall, my recovery time is so much better. So I’m getting there anyway. I think I am going to like this idea of cross-training on a regular basis. It’s not being wimpy, it’s helping to protect myself from injuries and stay strong.

By the way everyone, I am so glad you like the pictures. The Oregon Coast is by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited, except for the water being bone chilling cold (Aruba’s waters definitely beats that.)  I am sad to be away from such a place of beauty but I am really glad to be home with my husband, my two cats and my bird again.  (Yes, we have quite the zoo at our house.)

Oh, and by the way I found a store in Portland that actually sold Enduralytes so I am going to try them out this weekend, especially if the forecasted heat wave comes our way. Supposed to start tomorrow (great, just great.)