So I came home from my trip, and my husband told me he’d been given a referral bonus at work. So there was a package for me. I admit, I was hopeful when I saw the size of the box that it was a new Garmin. I am happy to say I am the new proud owner of the Garmin 405 (without the heart rate monitor, which is fine because I get annoyed easily by mine anyway.) 

I am dead tired since I got about 4.5 hours of sleep last night and just flew home today on Alaska Air (great airline by the way), we are going to take a walk around the little lake near our house tonight and test it out. Just in time for me to try it out tomorrow night at the race with Lis!  It’s funny but I was going to start begging for it anyway, as an early birthday present so I could have it for the marathon in October.

Oh and by the way, my brother has officially signed up to do the Maine Marathon with me so it’s all set!