I am really hoping to get running tonight or today somehow. I didn’t get to run last night due to a dinner out with my coworkers, and my needing to get some work done on some projects. The conference ends today, and I have a few hours off, although I need to meet with some of my coworkers for dinner this evening, so I may be running or doing speed workouts on the treadmill in my hotel today. You guys all know how much I hate the treadmill, but if the only other option is to be running outside around here at 4ish, then no thanks. The sun can be quite annoying if I am running into it.

Oh, I do have some good news. My brother just officially signed up for the Maine Marathon so we’re definitely running it together – yay! And I am planning on running the Marathon Sports 5-Miler this weekend with my running partner, Lis. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about getting there and getting everything done, registration, etc., in time with traffic, but we’ll see what happens!

Bubbleshare is up and running, so here are pictures of Cape Kiwanda. It’s part of the Three Capes scenic route – I broke my pics into two parts and it seemed to work better on Bubbleshare. If you look at what appears to be a very large sand dune in the first set, the fun thing to do there is to try to see if you can climb all the way up it on your own. They say that some people hang glide off of it. I can imagine with the breezes there, that could be possible!

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More pics below.

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