I decided to not run the Hein Fun Run earlier this morning. To be honest, and I hope this comes out right, I want to keep these two parts of my life separate – my work from running.  They are two separate loves of mine, but I like keeping them just that, separate.  I don’t mind talking about running and my training with folks I work with, not at all, I am happy that they are interested in my marathon training. But I like to only concentrate on my running when I’m training, and my goal of doing the marathon in October, rather than worrying how I am measuring up, athletic-wise, against my colleagues.  (Yes, it’s the Type A personality that took me through law school rearing its ugly head again!)

And, honestly, I thought it best that I do some cross-training today and work out for more than the 26 or 27 minutes it would take me to the 5K this morning. I didn’t want to get all warmed up, then have a bus ride back to the hotel where my muscles could stiffen up, and then try to exercise at the fitness center again later.

So I rode the bike for 50 minutes, trying to keep it within the 80-100 rpm range the whole time – and ended up doing 18km in distance. Felt good at the end of it, and then I did some strengthening exericses. Maybe tomorrow I can do some running outside and do the bike route that everyone raves about here.

To keep my mind somewhat occupied while on the bike (because let’s be honest, it can be boring otherwise) I kept on reading my Lance Armstrong book. This man is just amazing, and even more so, is his mom. I know I have said this before, but she seems like such a strong woman. I think in the future I’d like to do something with his LiveStrong Foundation. Hopefully there can be some runs or other events that they will conduct near the Boston area.

Oh, and Bubbleshare seems to be working now, so here are some pictures from Depoe Bay, Oregon, home to the world’s smallest harbor. Some of the pictures I took are from the bridge, looking down. I think it shows pretty well how small it really is!

I can’t wait to get back to reading everyone’s blogs again – it’s been a weird last few weeks, schedule-wise.

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