Just wanted to add something to my post of yesterday, over my lunch break. I did not come in last in my race – yay! Close to it, but not last, which I consider as a good thing, considering I’ve never gone that distance before, seriously, ever.   There were about 60 people in my race – I came in 53! That’s probably the first and last time that I can say I came in with such a low number! Ha ha ha.

By the way, this video is a bit weird (as you’d see by the comments posted around it on YouTube), but this was one of the songs that kept me going on Saturday, especially when my Gels kicked in with all of the caffeine.  I listened to it multiple times.

Yes, I was in the woods with all the beauty and birds around me, but yeah, that’s only good for me for a few minutes (if I can even last that long) before I need the tunes in my ears! 🙂  Now every time I hear it, it makes me think of the woods…

Paul Oakenfeld, Ready Steady Go

By the way, I hope I have not turned everyone off to trail running. It is better for your body in a way, but you do find that you have to pick up your legs more, and sometimes, personally, it may be safer to walk through the mud, rather than running through it, and either spraining an ankle, or losing your shoe, as Jamie did. You just have to have a better sense of direction, which, for me, is non-existent, unfortunately.

Oh, and just because I really like this song, for those of you who love music from the 80s, here’s Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax, which has helped me on many a day, Saturday included.

I’m very much looking forward to the next few days. I am traveling to Portland, OR tomorrow, then renting a car and driving to the coast. I love the Oregon coast – it’s just so amazing beautiful. Not sure about all of my internet connections over the next week, how often I will have access, but I’ll try to take lots of pictures and then put them up on here through Bubbleshare.