We’ve had so many thunderstorms at night lately that it’s hard to get your runs in, and be safe at the same time. After Lis and I ran on Tuesday night, she only drove about a mile before she ran into the storm. It took longer for the storm to catch up to me.

Tonight, I had the Winchester hills on tap. I had unfortunately left my hat at home this morning, and it definitely comes in handy when you have to run in the rain. I was seriously all ready to get running, did my stretching and everything, but I saw how dark the sky was becoming and how quickly, so I decided to get in the car, drive to the gym, and just do cross-training stuff tonight.  I rode the bike on the hill workout for 40 minutes (and then forgot to see how far I went…sigh) and then did that “escalator to nowhere” stairmaster afterward, and then like a gazillion crunches. I won’t be able to do anything tomorrow since we’ll be driving to NY state for the ultramarathon on Saturday.

Ok, so I’ve been tagged by 2 people, Kaity and Amy, to mention 6 random things about me. I am not sure who I can tag now since everyone’s been tagging each other! 🙂  Sorry these are so boring, but I still have to pack before our trip!

  1.  I was born left-handed, but my mom trained me to do everything with my right hand since she was worried it might make things more difficult for me growing up. I’m not mad – actually I’m pretty ambidextrous as a result, and you have to look hard to see the difference in how I print or write from each one.
  2. After getting my law degree and practicing for a short time, I was confused as to what I really wanted to do in life. I then worked as a secretary/admin and office manager in a few jobs, and actually made more money than as a lawyer! Scary!
  3. One of my cats is my “stalker.” Her name is Chloe and she’s 12.
  4. I cannot do that “curl your tongue” thing.
  5. I cannot wiggle my ears, although one of my brothers and my dad can. Yes, it’s freaky to watch, trust me.
  6. I’ve got the “raise your eyebrow to look mysterious or serious” move by Kristian Alfonso from Days of Our Lives, down pat.

Now, I need to tag 6 others, and I sincerely hope I am not duplicating anyone else:

  1. The Alien
  2. Jill
  3. Shawna
  4. Marc (because I know he has nothing better to do with his time while he’s in Iraq)
  5. Penny and/or Michelle at Planet Nyyep Running
  6. Tamara

By the way, I found out about a really great blog this afternoon. You might have already seen Lisa’s blog at Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge, which I just love. Her husband now has a blog that I have included in my Blogroll, called The Search for Inspiration. I will definitely be a regular reader of that. His video of the Olympics in 1992 is great.   (Other than that, I’ve been a really bad blog reader this week – I feel so far behind on things!)

Ok, be ready for pictures of this ultramarathon race this weekend – we have been told to avoid red newts, avoid cow pies (yeah I’m thinking that is a polite way of saying “cow poop”) and that we need to make sure the cows don’t get out of the pastures.  This is going to truly be unlike any other race I have run.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!!