I have to admit, I am not sure who I am more scared for about this, myself, or my brother. The 50 mile race he is running this weekend, he is allowed a “pacer” after a certain point. I think it’s after the FIRST 30 MILES.  At the point he’s allowed to have a pacer, he hopes to be running 9-11 minute miles. Since this is going to be my “long run” this weekend, I am hoping he and his friend are gravitating toward the slower end of that scale at that point, otherwise my long slow run will be short, and maybe not so sweet for me. I hope to do 10 miles with him at the slower end.  Needless to say, the hot pink mini-mule is making the trip to Hector, NY with me.  🙂  That thing is sure getting some use this summer!

I hope to live to tell about it after this weekend and have some good pictures to show everyone.

On another matter, I ran some trails tonight with my running partner. The good conversation had me not realizing exactly how far we ran and I think those are the types of trails I SHOULD have tried to run on before. Although the two of us realized, next time, we need  bug spray, and lots of it. As we finished, and were starting to be eaten alive by mosquitos, it started to thunder and lightning and as I got home, the storm caught up to me. I remembered the day I ran in weather like that and felt a little nostalgic, if a little scared at myself for having done so. My running partner said that I need to worry about my iPod in storms like that – I didn’t realize that you can have lightning go through the wires in storms.  Yikes!  Oh, and we think we did about 5.75 miles – the last half or so was much faster as we needed to get away from the swarms, too.  (My Garmin shut off on me again! Ugh!)

Finger Lakes 50, here I come! (Give me strength!)