I wish I could say the New Charles River Run was better history for me than it was, but I’m not going to dwell on it for too long, or try not to anyway.

It was a 7.5 mile race,  combined with a 7.5 mile relay race (not sure how far they were each running – short of 2 miles?) and a 5K.  There were about 1096 finishers in my race – officially I came in 937. The weird thing about this race is that they gave us timing chips to wear. However, there was no pad at the beginning, so everyone’s chip started at the same time, whether or not you were right on the starting line or not. Needless to say, I was not. Also, I know the time that shows up on Cool Running literally is not the same as what I saw when I stepped on the pad at the end (yep, there were two pads at the end, don’t you think they could have spared one and placed it at the beginning?!).  All of us were wondering, “why are we wearing these things, if they are just going to give us times based on the gun anyway?!”  Based on when I started and stopped the Garmin, my time was more like 1:18:20, so I think my mpm pace was 10:20, as my Garmin also said I ran about 7.58.  I’m not being picky, I just like to know more of my real time than what shows up online. (Although lately, my Garmin has been bothering me, pace-wise, it doesn’t seem to be very accurate for very long. It can say I am running 15 minute miles when I’m definitely not, but then also say I am running 8 minute miles when I am walking. Go figure.)

I did walk a few times – just not through all the water stops. I wore the hot pink Mini-Mule, which, admittedly does make me kind of hot sometimes, but at least gives me the freedom to drink whenever I want to, not when the course has water at the side of the road (I do have that stubborn, if not stupid, independent streak in me) and used Gatorade this time rather than PowerAde. I think with as much as I sweat (that’s something else I have come to realize, I sweat way more than I think I should, so I am ordering salt tablets tonight online) the  Gatorade is more for me than PowerAde, and it seems to be easier on my stomach.  I found out tonight that my brother in law uses Smarties candies rather than Gu, when he’s running. Maybe he has something there…I may have to try this! 

This morning it was so humid that at one point it was actually misting during the race. Have I said before how much I HATE HUMIDITY? 

So here’s the abbreviated race report.

I ran with my training partner, Lis, for the first few miles – at one point we got to a water stop – think it was around 3 miles, and I had to walk further than I wanted to – I just let her go – I knew she was feeling much better today than I was and I didn’t want to hold her back on my account.  I thought I could keep her in my sights and just catch up to her eventually but I ended up not doing that. She beat me by about 30 seconds to a minute – I am very happy for her as that is the furthest she has ever run. Another girl on our TNT team, Charlene, beat both of us, without headphones! I’m also very happy for her as this was the furthest she has ever run too! I am very glad that for both of them, this was a good experience, especially for Lis, because this was her first race ever, and because she said she had had a cold all week and was feeling nervous for not having run too much as a result. I told her afterward, obviously, for her, resting was the right thing to do.  

The toughest miles for me were around 3.5 to 5.5 or so.  Way back when I first wrote about things that I think about as I race, I remember I wanted to get stronger every time I run. Well, today I added a new goal. Even if most of the race makes me feel like I am sucking big time I can at least try to finish strong, and that’s what I tried to do today.

The last 1.5 miles felt pretty good. Maybe it was the Gu finally kicking in, who knows? Anyway, I decided for the last mile or so I would try to count people I passed. I think I counted 16. (We were kind of spread out at that point.)   Also, when I looked down and saw I had another .5 miles to go, I thought of Tom from the Running Lounge’s comment – that maybe I could make that last 800 yards or so stronger, and that’s what I did. When I looked down and saw I had .15 or so to go, I tried to really kick it in – I’ve run longer sprints than that. So I did.  And I finally finished. At one point today, I felt like I’d never get there.   I also wish we had not had to park so far away that it took us 15 minutes to get to our car afterward. I guess that is what Ibuprofen is for. Love that little miracle pill.

Pics are below – it looks like Bubbleshare is back up and running – yay! (You can see my comments if you go to the actual Bubbleshare site by clicking on the images – I am in a blue hat.)

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I wish the storm we eventually got this evening had come this morning. I took some pictures of the sky outside my house – it was literally that gray/dark in the sky!

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