Note, I didn’t say I didn’t work out. I just didn’t run. Actually the reason is kind of embarrassing in that it shows how sometimes I can be, well, on the dingbat side, especially if my coffee hasn’t kicked in before I leave for work.  🙂 It’s happened once or twice before, but tonight I took it as a sign at the end of a long day.  I forgot my running bra. Yes, the one item that I own that is actually the most important to run with, over even, (I shudder to think this), my iPod. And I was kind of bummed because I had my Winchester hills on tap for tonight, which if I can get through them, give me a huge sense of accomplishment, and after my running slump of the last few weeks, that would be awesome to feel.  So, I came home, ate and then went to the gym, rode the bike and then did a gazillion crunches and what I call straight-leg lifts, but I am sure that there’s a real name for them, and some other exercises.  I am hoping my ab muscles hurt for the next few days like they did last week. (I sound demented, don’t I? Ah well.)   FIGMO.  There’s a new acronym I learned today – take some guesses and let  me know what you think it means. 🙂 (Lis, Run Addict, any guesses?)  (There, I’ve given the rest of you hints by showing that those with a military background, present or past, should know what it means….)

So the next two nights I couldn’t run even if I tried. We have an interviewee candidate dinner tomorrow night, and then a drive to the Cape after work on Friday. Friday, in my opinion, can’t come fast enough right now. The last few days have been very fragmented, to the point where I don’t feel like I can concentrate on anything for more than about 20 minutes at a time.  We all have those days, but why do more of them seem to come right before vacation?!  Anyway, relaxing, running, and getting some color on my pasty white skin is definitely in order for next week…

True, I’ve been a bit stressed, but I did learn some good news the other day. I found out I’d been up for an “award for excellence” that is given to a few people, law-school wide.  I didn’t actually win, but the law school is quite large and to be nominated made me feel pretty good. It tells me I am doing some things right.  My colleague from the library who did win really does deserve to have won – he is one of those folks who everyone really does like.  

I leave you with a song that has kept me going on many a run and is probably going to be good for me toward the middle of the marathon. I warn you though, it’s 10 minutes long.  They say that techno or electronica is good for runners – that it’s about the right number of beats per minute.  Although, I don’t know that you could listen to it for 4 hours or more! 🙂

Techno Rave – Blade – Vampire Dance Club  – By the way if you stare at this screen for a few minutes, it can put you into a trance, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If you haven’t seen the Blade movies (I’ve only seen parts myself – summary: Wesley Snipes is a badass), see the video below:

Blade Trinity (Movie Clip) Techno Music