I ran a whopping 1.5 miles today. Maybe. Today was to be my track workout day for a few reasons. I figured having gotten so much sleep the last few days (another 9 last night), I would have a good energy store. Also, I won’t be able to do them for at least two weeks now since I’ll be on the Cape for all of next week, until the day before the New Charles River Run. (So, sorry, guys, I’ll be going dark on Friday sometime – hopefully will get a chance to post something during my lunch that day) for about 8 days.

I even went to the track where I’ve run well before – at my husband’s town’s middle school. I’ve been able to do 10 400s there and keep them all under 2 minutes, around 1:50 and have felt great. Today I did 3.5 of them. The only good thing I can say about them is that I was doing them in about 1:45. All whopping 3.5 of them. Then, when that didn’t work out, I figured I would take a page from Chris’ book and try that 15 minute speed workout, where after warming up for 5 minutes, you sprint for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, and keep repeating that for 5 minutes. (The name of it escapes me right now.) Holy hell, what kind of sadomasochist came up with that workout??!! Seriously, I lasted 4 or 5 rounds of that crap before I had to take a break. I tried it again after a few minutes, and lasted 4 or 5, and then I called it a day.

I found this video on YouTube today and those of you who use Nike+ should like it. At first, it caught my eye because Yuri, the guy in the video, has a last name very similar to mine. I like all the comments he makes as he passes by people.

Challenge Yuri Gallegos (Nike+)

After seeing Lisa’s power song of the day, I got to thinking of this one below. (I believe the conversation in my head went something like “opera-ish singer, to operaish voice type of singer.) As you can tell, the conversations in my head don’t always run so deeply. 😉 I’ve been having a lot of problems with motivation this past week and a half or so, ever since my real 10 miler. I never thought of having this kind of music in my iPod before – always thinking it’s too slow for me to run to – I tend to like faster beats. Maybe I should try something like this and take a page from Lisa – after all she already has one marathon under her belt, which is one more than me.

The reason this song could be a power song for me is because I think the first time I heard it was at my friend Cheryl’s funeral service. She’s one of the main reasons I’m doing this marathon thing, in case you’ve only recently started reading my blog. I should try to remember her when I hear this, but try not to cry at the same time. Some people may say this video doesn’t really go with the song, but I don’t know, I kind of like it.

Josh Groban, You Raise Me Up

or this version, which looks to be of all scenes of the West Coast where I’ll be in a few weeks. Can’t wait. If any of you were to see my office, you’d notice a definite theme – lots of seashells and landscapes of the sea, either the Cape, or the ocean. I saw the Oregon Coast 14 years ago with my friend Andria, and I still remember a lot of it vividly, it was that gorgeous.

I am trying hard to get out of this funk I am in – I am also reading a book by Marla Runyan, called No Finish Line – My Life as I See It. Will let you know what I think of it.